Holiday Reflections

The spirit of the holiday season is upon us once more. One of the most challenging facets of the preparation is to take the time to pause and inquire “what is it I am truly celebrating?”  For me, it becomes a time of rich gratitude, hope and anticipation as I enter into that place of contemplation surrounding this question. As winter slowly approaches – we too are nudged to quiet ourselves and prepare for a bit of hibernation, and deep reflection.

I invite you to listen not to the external world of shopping and racing from one event to another, but rather to listen to the outer natural world calling to you – ‘ it’s a season to rest and reflect a bit more’.

It may also be a time of expressing our love for one another – to gather our thoughts regarding the perfect gift to express our heartfelt love and appreciation for the other.  Instead of going to the mall and searching seemingly endless racks of merchandise (much of which is useful) consider something which also gives a message of your deepest intent – a message of inspiration and adoration that will continue to be a companion to your loved one for many, many years after the holiday celebration is over.  Perhaps you could write a letter, or if you feel you are not artistically inclined, cut and paste a collage of images that reflect the nature of that person to you. Many blank journals/scrapbooks are available to present it in a lasting format. Another wonderful gift is a certificate for dinner at your home (create a personal certificate yourself). Prepare one of their favorite dishes coupled with long, warm conversation – real, intentional  t i m e  together.  Light the candles – place a note of appreciation on their plate expressing your gratitude for having them in your life.

And, you might consider giving a piece of artwork.  In the words of Aristotle   “The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance.”  Many pieces of art are very affordable and will last a lifetime – reminding your beloved of your relationship and caring while inspiring their life every day. Alleman Studios offers pieces ranging in price from $95 to $32,000 – a broad range for every budget; and each piece also includes poetry/inspiration as an additional gift. Or – search your local gallery for something that speaks to you profoundly of that person. Many galleries will offer gift certificates as well (Alleman Studios does as well) if you would rather allow them to choose the piece themselves.

Regardless of your gift giving habits, I invite you to quiet yourself and reflect a bit more. If you choose to give gifts, allow them to reflect your innermost intent consciously and lovingly. And, while the world may seem to be racing about furiously – witness the race rather than joining it.  Make it a season of celebration of your life journey and all that is yet to come on it – gratitude for friends and family who enrich the journey – and mostly, for your unique spiritual journey birthing in all its unique, perfect colors and expressions.

My Warmest Holiday Blessings to each of you.