HUGE Sculpture Show at The Broadmoor Galleries

Opening May 11th from 3-8 PM the BROADMOOR Galleries, book ending the Broadmoor Hotel, in Colorado Springs, CO will host their 3rd Sculpture Show featuring the work of over 25 acclaimed sculptors. Carol will participate and be available through the subsequent week-end to meet and share with collectors and interested persons. It is rare for fine art galleries to present sculpture only shows these days and we are thrilled to be included in one with such distinguished and renown talent. Thursday through the week-end the gallery will be energetically buzzing with many of these sculptors present to meet and speak with visitors. This is a very unique opportunity to both see amazing works and to meet the artists as well. The Broadmoor Gallery is impeccable in its professionalism and integrity – they continuously create a very inviting, warm and engaging climate for browsing the collection without hovering. It’s a deep joy to simply browse the gallery and soak in the truly remarkable collection they present. We are honored to be partners with them.