Michael Dumas

If you have not yet discovered the incredible work of Michael Dumas, a Canadian artist, I invite you to do so soon. His profound awareness of nature and its natural beauty mirror my sense in working with the simplest forms of nature as the deepest, richest seeds of inspiration. He was born and raised in a small town in Ontario, developing his drawing skills at a very young age. He practices a beautiful approach to his work – simply paying grave attention to the quiet, natural moments in his life, and allowing these elements to envelope and enrich his working studio experience. Much of his work intimately reflects his concern for the health and welfare of our natural world. The current issue of Arabella magazine (http://www.arabelladesign.com/) presents a fine, personal article profiling his life and work.

He is internationally recognized through The National Museum of Canada, The McMichael Canadian Collection, The Royal Botanical Gardens – Hamilton, The Royal Ontario Museum Toronto, The Theodore Roosevelt Inaugural National Historic Site – Buffalo, N. Y, The Suntory Museum of art – Tokyo & Osaka, Japan, The Yamanakako-Takamura Museum of Arts – Japan. Mitsukoshi Gallery- Tokyo, Matsuya Gallery – Tokyo, Sogo Gallery – Osaka, Nature In Art, the International Museum of Wildlife Art – Gloucester, England.

Looking at his images, it is challenging to choose a favorite piece of work. The attention to detail and manner on both the human form and wild animals, is breath-taking as it profoundly captures the true spirit of the subject. To learn more about Michael, visit: http://www.natureartists.com/artists/artist_biography.asp?ArtistID=54