Miniature Art Show at the Broadmoor Art Galleries

This past week-end, Dec 5, 2015 the Broadmoor Galleries at the Broadmoor Hotel in Colorado Springs CO hosted a holiday miniature art show featuring the works of ten artists. Carol was present for the show and one of the ten artists’ work featured. While it snowed most of the day, Saturday, it was a wet snow and amazingly beautiful as dusk fell and the thousands of lights inside and outside the hotel glistened with a most impressive beauty.  It was a festive day and fun to gather with our partners at the Broadmoor to ring in the season!

Carol-at-Broadmoor-Miniature-show-iContact Carol-at-Broadmoor-12-2015-iContact

Above, Carol beside the Garden of Promises and Seasons vessels; and to right, standing in front of the hotel entrance enjoying the festive lights and light blanket of snow.