Today is Mother’s Day. Ultimately it is only a date on our calendar, yet it is also a welcome reminder to express our gratitude and love to our mothers. We do this most often to our birth or adopted mothers, but I believe we might benefit from extending that recognition to include the many “mothers” of the collective – and the diverse ways in which women “mother”. We each, childless or having born many children, hold the wisdom and compassion our entire world yearns to experience more fully and more authentically.

So today, I celebrate my birth mother (who transitioned from this world in 2018) AND I celebrate those not so often recognized on this day – those who more quietly while beautifully and powerfully mother others. May each of these women feel empowered and honored for the loving and courageous warriors of change they truly represent. To mother is to love in the deepest sense – your gift is indeed no small thing.