June is National Pollinator Month in the USA. The studio celebrates our pollinators through several bronze vessels: Twilight Stars (evening primrose moth), Nature’s Bounty (honeybee), and Awakening Bliss (NEW Release with three honey bees).

Awakening Bliss features the red corn poppy and THREE HONEYBEES on the vibrant vessel standing 17.25″ high. We are pleased to release this piece during National Pollinator Month 2019 to instill a deepening awareness of the plight of our beloved and vital honey bees. Honey bees alone account for more than one-third of the fruits and vegetables we enjoy every day. For each studio sale of Nature”s Bounty ( a field of white clover with one honeybee) a studio donation is made to one of the various organizations devoted to research, education and awareness of the honey bee. These amazingly intelligent insects are remarkable examples of living in community with generosity, intelligence, and cooperation.

Check out how you might participate in a local event in your area, and allow yourself to be nudged to initiate a new personal practice to support their lives and the lives of all our vital pollinators. Each small personal act makes a valuable contribution.