Noticing Our Illusions – Letting Go as we Dance with the Vibrant Leaves

In these current times with so much turmoil and change we can easily find  ourselves believing many thoughts and words as fact, without stopping ourselves to investigate if they are really true.  In fact, most of us feel excessive stress brought on by fear itself. The many dramatics we create, and the colorful thoughts we allow to occupy our minds, the stresses we ourselves place upon ourselves, and the seemingly complicated nature of living at this time can feel overwhelming. Yet, if we truly delve into the truth of our circumstances, we often may find that many of these seemingly stressful things are simply illusions with no foundation to create fear other than our own over-active imaginations and stories. While many of life’s events are, at times, very real – most of the accompanied stress I would argue is self-created by the stories we tell ourselves about them.

Illusion of Complexity speaks to this truth with its highly complex, interwoven canopy of branches.  Mirroring a cluster of winter barren trees, the branches of the trees create an utter maze of complexity.  It was created as an expression of the reality that it is always “I” that brings the complexity to my life. We are always as clear and as simple as the first moment we breathed. Illusion of Complexity is a visual invitation to remain still enough, amidst any chaos, to hear that Voice which simplifies, purifies and holds us in our true home. It is that Voice which sifts through the many mazes of complexity and awakens in us a simple, clear knowing that we are always much larger than any of the many distractions we create, or circumstances which surround us – we are always Home.

As we step into the final quarter of 2012, may you witness the falling of the vibrant autumn leaves as a personal invitation to let go of all the illusions and stories you have been holding onto. Let them all beautifully float away as gently as the branches let go of the newly colored leaves which no longer are of service to her. Just as we can see the remarkable, sculptural beauty of the trees branches so easily in this season, allow yourself to let go and unveil your deeper truths – your covered branches – as well.  Let go as you prepare to enter the colder, barren winter season – knowing the truth of who you are and clinging to nothing other than utter trust and peacefulness – peacefully at Home with the firmest of foundations to support you.