Picasso’s Wisdom

Today is the first day of spring! A time when we each can more easily see the beauty of nature waking up once more; and find our spirits renewed as we welcome the growing – greening – season of spring! Few things can truly “awaken our spirit” as does spring – art is one of those rare gifts that indeed does just that. Like the spring, it reminds us of a deeper truth – of the undercurrents of living a full and rich life – of all that is indeed growing and alive whether we readily see it or not with the human eye. Pablo Picasso perhaps says it best: “Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.”   I love this quote from Picasso as it so articulately expresses the true beauty and magic of fine art. A beautiful creation of art, should indeed, renew our spirit and allow us to readily see and more deeply appreciate the true beauty of life. It is always a hope that my work will indeed cleanse the soul – allowing us to recognize again its perfection while renewing our spirit. Our world may not need art to survive, but indeed it needs the finest art to truly and joyfully thrive! May your spirit be renewed as you welcome this new spring and all the glorious gifts nature incessantly refuses not to share. All of life is well – indeed perfect – beautiful.  Warmest spring blessings to you this day!