The Trillium – Springing Us into Awareness

TRILLIUM_2_emWe are now thoroughly into the wonderful, renewing energies of spring!  The beautiful crocus, tulips, daffodils and trillium are each blooming their little heads off – a display that with a little attention can effortlessly spring us into an empowering awareness.  No matter where you live, there are many indications of spring amidst us. In the woodlands, the trillium is now blooming quietly – perfectly in its nature of threes.  The trillium blooms with a three slender sepals, three petals, a three part ovary surrounded by six (3+3) stamen, and its leaves spread in whirls of three. Three is a divine number of creative power – and is symbolic for many in various forms: beginning – middle – end; father – mother – child; morning – noon – night; the three blessed jewels; Father – Son  – Holy Spirit. This marvelous, simple woodland plant blooms quietly – echoing how we often bloom ourselves.  One of my bronze, limited edition vessels is titled Trillium and inspired by this beloved plant.

Ants enable the trillium to sow its seeds, eating away the oil rich appendage and abandoning the seeds to sprout. Ants – tenacious, patient, community-builders – help the trillium flourish. Perhaps we might embrace and follow the wisdom of nature. Many trilliums are either protected or endangered.  The quiet work of the ants, sowing the seeds supports their extended life. Do we appreciate the “ants” in our lives – the vast synchronicities (experiences, people and gifts) often working through invisible channels for our highest good? Trillium, with a little attention, can bring us not only the pleasure of its simple beauty but also an empowering reminder that there are indeed many people and/or events working, this very moment, on our behalf completely invisible to us. And…it may also remind us of the infinite gift of being an ant in life through quietly, invisibly giving.

May this new spring season bring to you those quiet, reflective moments that quietly, while richly empower you.  Perhaps it is the season for you to bloom in all your unique perfection – trusting your support to the invisible world and gracing the world with your beauty.