Montage Abundance

edition of 15
11″ h x 13.5″ w

montage abundanceGrounded in the richness of this ancient earth
from which you were formed,
your branches open wide, with no reserve, unfolding your inherent beauty.

In your unfolding,
a circle of arms intertwine your brothers and sisters,
opening to the rainfalls of the Higher Realm.

Dancing with Mother Earth,
brothers and sisters,
you stand as a glowing, brilliant eulogy of pure abundance.

Montage Abundance symbolizes the glowing abundance both around and within us. The circle of branches, arms intertwined, are a reminder of the gifts we bring to life through our deep connections with Mother Earth and one another.  Through this connection we are able to see more clearly the depth of abundance within and around us.

The trees remind us to simply allow our arms to open freely. If I am willing to be vulnerable and open my arms fully to you, it may encourage you to open your arms fully. If you open your arms fully, you give inspiration and encouragement for others to open their arms fully.  As we each open, arms outstretched, we begin to create a circle of fullness and awareness of the infinite abundance within us and among us. We then create an expectant space to receive from a Higher realm.

The bowl form is a symbol of creating this expectant space.  When we open ourselves freely, and to one another, the richness of the circle glowingly unfolds. From this place, we more easily appreciate the forest of abundance both within and around us.

Three trees, a universally divine number representing creative power, encircle the bowl. The trees are specifically inspired from the property of the Montage Resort & Spa Laguna Beach in Laguna Beach, CA. It includes a prominent cork tree which since the creation of this piece has suffered an incurable ailment and has been removed.