edition of 28
22.5″ h x 17″ w


ancient honey patina

The Infinity vessel was created through a commission by The Redfern Gallery and the Montage Resort & Spa Laguna Beach, Laguna Beach, CA. Two of the commissioned vessels grace the main lobby of the resort, framing a breathtaking view of the infinite Pacific Ocean.

Infinity speaks of the endless beauty, inspiration and wisdom of all trees and of all nature. Infinity, Transitions and Transitions II (from which Infinity is derived) each invite us to give attention to both the large and small transitions in our lives and to embrace these changes on nothing less than a soulful breath.  Of one thing only can we be certain: transformations and transitions occur throughout infinity. If we are able to embrace, with soulful attention, the perpetual metamorphosis of life, we, like the guiding trees, will discover the mysterious perfection they hold for our journey.

The Infinity form mirrors its message. The large belly narrowing at the neck suggests large and small transitions; the broad brilliant rim reflects the boundless, glowing perfection from Above. Indeed, the universal appeal of the common tree, the diverse interpretations of the Tree of Life and the simple, open vessel form can effortlessly take one on a creative journey to infinity. Through infinity, nature itself models the profound beauty and perfection of endless change.