Mighty Oak

edition of 120
4″ h x 4.5″ w
Mighty Oak

From the tiny seed grows the Mighty Oak. It is often the most simplistic, quiet acts that hold the deepest potential. Mighty Oak invites us to trust our own unique seeds (even if they seem much too small to be of importance) and hold the courage to offer them to this world.

Three oak trees, a divine number, form the canopy of Mighty Oak while twelve acorns feed the roots of the trees.  Twelve is a tribal elder number, and was intended here to represent the presence of those before us who held the courage and wisdom to nurture many seeds that have borne fruits – fruits of great diversity which we collectively enjoy today.

Mighty Oak is symbolic of appreciation, courage, and trust. It exemplifies an appreciation for all the seemingly tiny seeds sown before us, courage to sow our own unique seeds, and trust in the power of all we choose to do and say.

With deep gratitude to our Elders
near and far
-lifetime to lifetime-
for their rich and diverse gifts
nourishing us and our
this day

Mighty Oak earned the Honorable Mention Award in the Juried Legacy Art Exhibition in 2014; and earned the Groover Studio Award at the Jacksonville University Museum, Jacksonville, AL; 5x5x5 Exhibition,  in 2016. It was also presented by Tree People of CA, to Nobel Peace Prize winner, Wangari Maathai in recognition of her profound contributions to our environment and the planting of 51 million trees.