Owl Medicine

edition of 15
9″ h x 12″ w

owlmedicineYou know no color, no status,
Only the pure, soul spirit
Is seen by you.

You teach how to listen
With more than an ear,
See with more than an eye.

Your haven, is chosen for her deep Roots,
As you camouflage in her protection and
In her connection.

In this place,
Touching her soul,
You see and hear
Guided solely by Wisdom

Owl Medicine- ancient honey patinaCalling… who will
Come, rest, and hear anew,
Listen, follow, and be fed?


Owl Medicine is rich and diverse, reminding us of our ability to both see and hear in the dark.  To the ancient Greeks, owl was associated with the goddess Athena, a symbol of higher Wisdom.  She is a guide through darkness into deeper Wisdom.

The circular, disc-like shape of the owl’s face acts as a keen receptor of sound to her asymmetrical ears located on the sides of her head. The “tufts” on the top of the head of many owls are simply mood indicators, though often mistaken as ears.  The owl hears a sound in one ear then moves its head in various directions until the sound is perfectly clear in both ears simultaneously. In this way, it pinpoints the exaction location of its prey.

In the secular world of often chaotic and seductive noise, it is difficult to recognize to what we need to respond.  Owls gently remind us that we too can see in the dark and be discerning of what we hear – and then react only when we clearly know what we are hearing is indeed in harmony with That which will truly feed and nurture us.

A closer look at the cast bronze vessel will reveal several subtle images of owls – camouflaged, of course, in the foliage and branches.