edition of 37
10.25″ h x 10″ w

Watchful Raven,
nests high in his home
of lush foliage.
His caw varied and trained,
his color dark and deep.
In the quiet of an ordinary day,
he   s-c-r-e-a-m-s
stirring, even storming,
the still waters below.

Watchful Raven,
persistent one,
flies to a ray of glowing healing Light.
For all who watch and listen,
he caws only to the peaceful
SeasonsRiver of Life.


Male and female ravens build their rugged nests together and both remain equally attentive to its cleanliness.  Long associated with darkness, ravens’ mystical gifts bring opportunities for deep, healing transformations, bringing Light into what may first appear as total darkness.  His abrupt caw, (stirring of the settled) is an invitation to awaken the soul into looking more closely and allowing Light into the “dark” corners.  A closer look at raven reveals a deep, beautiful, blue-purple iridescence to his feathers and an invitation to look a bit closer. Three subtle ravens, symbolic of creative power, nest high within the web of foliage on the seven trees. Seven was chosen to represent completeness and perfection, the Light and the Dark coming together to “complete and perfect” the journey. Completing the symbolism, the edition size of Raven is 37 (three and seven).

This piece sits a bit lower as an invitation to sit rather than run in fright from the darker corners of our lives. Sit with the darker corners, and invite the mystical powers of raven to be a messenger of the Light always found somewhere within the darkness. When we quiet ourselves and sit with the essence of what is there, we open ourselves to the deepest of transformations. The original piece was hand built in water-based clay using a coiling technique.