Ripe Abundance

edition of 600
8.5″ h x 8.5″ w plaque

Ripe Abundance, a bronze plaque by Carol Alleman

Now Available in a Oxidized Gold Frame

you bloom and fruit
spilling your six-hundred
ruby seeds of possibilities
into our bellies
and hearts

Your hexagonal, rounded shape
declares intent
for harmony
calling each of us
to birth it
with you

seeds of possibilities
ripe abundance
calling each of us
to pure harmony
calling us to Love

It is published that each pomegranate fruit holds an average of 600 ruby-red seeds. That’s an incredible amount of potency!  The sheer abundance of this inspiring fruits’ seeds is enough to cause anyone to pause in great wonder and awe.

The shape of the fruit is rounded hexagonal.  The number six holds the symbolic quality of absolute harmony. The ‘rounded’ (as in a circle) hexagonal shape suggests unending harmony – an unending, harmonious peel, bearing a fruit of 600 potent seeds! Our lives are already over-flowing with abundance and harmony simply awaiting pure recognition by us.

The pomegranate is also highly regarded as a symbol of fertility and growth. We all stand together, on profoundly potent soil, for planting and nurturing the true seeds of change.  In this season of seemingly deep and expanding economic, environmental, political and moral challenges in our world, each pomegranate offers 600 seeds of hope.  If, with each decision we make, we consider this simple question: will this decision foster harmony with all my neighbors (near and far) and with the earth? Perhaps then we would indeed quickly realize profound and vital changes in our world – and in ourselves.  If a decision is good for our neighbors, it is indeed good for us as well. We are our neighbors.  What one small seed might I plant today to support a fertile, balanced and harmonious presence for all of us?

Ripe Abundance, a bronze plaque by Carol Alleman

Appropriate as a wall hanging or for tabletop display in an easel.