Seasonsedition of 15
7.5″ h x 8″ w

To everything
There is a season

To even this,
Season upon season

Of my season
To walk this earth


Three trees grace the Seasons vessel inviting one to consider the seasons of life. Recognizing our seasons as a rhythm of growth can often turn the sometimes cold chill of winter into a warm and welcome friend. Each tree holds a slightly different patina than the others – mirroring the essence of our seasons.

The powerful number three is used extensively in my work. It is symbolic of the Trinity, of birth-life-death, the three precious jewels and beginning-middle-end. It is a highly creative number that brings opposites into harmony. Seasons is symbolic of the beautiful unfolding, growing process of fully, lovingly and passionately living in this life and beyond. It is a vessel of hope and of promise.