Womb of Life

edition of 111
7.50″ h x 5.75″ w

womboflifeI cannot name the second
my first bud will appear
this year or the next,
nor autumn’s ripe moment
when my last clinging leaf
freely   f l o a t s
to kiss earth’s face

bark, pollen
twigs, leaves, branches
all are stripped from me,
yet I do nothing
I am being done
being grown
seeded – breathed – fed – flowered

womboflife3_detailtree frog, beetle
spider, squirrel
sparrow, snake
finch and owl
in our coming and going
awake – or asleep
we feed one another

dark crowding clouds
do not shake me
nor the circling eagle
nibbling bugs and worms
incessant woodpecker
winged and legged uninvited guests,
I am rooted in potent soil

womboflife_detaila cluster of my branches
long, long ago
were broken – severed
fire scarred my youthful bark
while in turn
nature’s assaults
became the map to find Me

all that appears
to be taken
falls back to me
plants itself  d e e p
mystically, in the fertile earth
filling bellies and souls
flowering us in one radiant circle

womboflife2I have no use
for the compass needle
I am never lost
whatever path my branches choose
whatever soil calls me home
it is there
I am grown toward the heavens

I am home
for snail, moss
lichen, wren
– you –
in that unnamable place
where the exit
is at once the entrance

they breathe

you breathe

I breathe

an exchange of


transcendent breath

as We are mysteriously – profoundly

held in the Womb of Life

being born moment by moment

WOMB OF LIFE  earned the AWARD of EXCELLENCE in the 2013 Manhattan Arts International Exhibition.

This vessel makes a lovely, quality cremation urn.  Many simply use a flexible plastic pouch to insert the ashes or a commercial tube or canister. The circular form is symbolic of infinity.