Saint Patrick’s Day Celebration of the Clover

Here we are in March already. Time surely seems to be collapsing as the first day of spring is less than two weeks away. On March 17th many will celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day and green clovers (shamrocks) will infiltrate our stores and homes.

Watch for our upcoming new release Nature’s Bounty to be released later this spring, featuring the white clover and honoring the vital honeybee. It is a very small piece with a very large appeal to truly awaken our conscious awareness of the importance of protecting our global colonies of honeybees. Surrounded by a blanket of clover leaves and while clover blooms, one single, tiny honeybee subtly finds nourishment in a bloom. With a closer look into this bronze field of blooming clover one will find a treasured four-leaf clover. Did you know that the tiny, remarkable honeybee is responsible for pollinating over one third of the fruits and vegetables we eat? Did you know they are declining in population at an absolutely alarming rate? These small and wondrous insects have one of the most sophisticated community habits in the insect world – they are both fascinating and wondrous.

While you celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day I invite you to also celebrate the clover as one of the most vital sources for the sustenance of the honeybee. Once released, you will find a plethora of facts on our website regarding both the clover and the honeybee. In addition, we will be posting a list of many simple steps you can take to share in protecting the honeybee from extinction.