American Women Artists 2016 Master and Signature Exhibition

AMERICAN WOMEN ARTISTS annual Signature and Master Exhibition


The 2016 AWA Signature and Master Exhibition will be held in Bennington, Vermont this year September 23- November 13, 2016. It will run simultaneously with the annual member juried exhibition.   We will share additional information closer to this event though if you will be in the area you may want to add it to your calendar now as it is historically a very rich, diverse and notably beautiful exhibit.

Representing Gallery Visits

The galleries representing Alleman Studios Inc. are a vital and exciting link in our circle of partnerships. This summer I have had the great joy of visiting Gallery MAR in Park City, UT twice in a short period of time. It is always thrilling to deliver new work and visit, in person, with those who beautifully and professionally present the work to public each day.

The gallery is truly exquisite and refreshing – a must see when in Park City! An added joy on my recent trip was the genuine delight in meeting the newest member of the Gallery MAR family: Ms. Jane at seven months and such a sweet little whisper of pure pleasure!


Noticing Our Illusions – Letting Go as we Dance with the Vibrant Leaves

In these current times with so much turmoil and change we can easily find  ourselves believing many thoughts and words as fact, without stopping ourselves to investigate if they are really true.  In fact, most of us feel excessive stress brought on by fear itself. The many dramatics we create, and the colorful thoughts we allow to occupy our minds, the stresses we ourselves place upon ourselves, and the seemingly complicated nature of living at this time can feel overwhelming. Yet, if we truly delve into the truth of our circumstances, we often may find that many of these seemingly stressful things are simply illusions with no foundation to create fear other than our own over-active imaginations and stories. While many of life’s events are, at times, very real – most of the accompanied stress I would argue is self-created by the stories we tell ourselves about them.

Illusion of Complexity speaks to this truth with its highly complex, interwoven canopy of branches.  Mirroring a cluster of winter barren trees, the branches of the trees create an utter maze of complexity.  It was created as an expression of the reality that it is always “I” that brings the complexity to my life. We are always as clear and as simple as the first moment we breathed. Illusion of Complexity is a visual invitation to remain still enough, amidst any chaos, to hear that Voice which simplifies, purifies and holds us in our true home. It is that Voice which sifts through the many mazes of complexity and awakens in us a simple, clear knowing that we are always much larger than any of the many distractions we create, or circumstances which surround us – we are always Home.

As we step into the final quarter of 2012, may you witness the falling of the vibrant autumn leaves as a personal invitation to let go of all the illusions and stories you have been holding onto. Let them all beautifully float away as gently as the branches let go of the newly colored leaves which no longer are of service to her. Just as we can see the remarkable, sculptural beauty of the trees branches so easily in this season, allow yourself to let go and unveil your deeper truths – your covered branches – as well.  Let go as you prepare to enter the colder, barren winter season – knowing the truth of who you are and clinging to nothing other than utter trust and peacefulness – peacefully at Home with the firmest of foundations to support you.

Artists for Conservation Festival Oct 13 – 21 Grouse Mountain | North Vancouver

Artists for Conservation Festival  Oct 13 – 21

Grouse Mountain | North Vancouver

The Artists for Conservation (AFC) Festival opens on October 13 thorough October 21st on Grouse Mountain Resort, North Vancouver, B.C.  AFC will bring the world’s top conservation-themed exhibit of original nature and wildlife art, film, live painting demos, adult and youth workshops to this unique event. The festival will include renowned artists such as Robert Bateman, Guy Combes, David Kitler, Andrew Denman, Mark Hobson, Pollyanna Pickering and many others. My work (Nature’s Bounty and Celestial Joy) has been juried into both the live and the virtual exhibit. This international exhibit features extraordinary and highly talented artists all of whom are are highly committed to continuously working in partnership with many conservation efforts around the globe.

New Year Reflections

I send each of you warmest greetings for the wonderful year of 2012. As I write, for those of you in the Christian tradition, the twelve days of Christmas continue to be upon you with the twelfth day, Epiphany, coming this Friday. Epiphany, regardless of your spiritual preferences, is a wonderful time of deep and welcome reflection. I appreciate that it comes following the higher social activity weeks of the season – when things seem to be a bit more quiet, allowing more easily for contemplative space.   Epiphany is that rich season of inquiring within oneself as to what truly guides and directs our lives. What Light do you follow?  What truly directs your life?  It also nudges us into a remembrance to look deeper than the surface of all events – thoughts – feelings and find in all of them a rich inner connection to something we, as humans, cannot name or control – the world of Mystery and of perfect Love.

January brings also, in many areas, the colder months of the year. It is a time of huddling down, snuggling up and waiting for the wintry months to unfold into yet another spring. The time of waiting can be challenging or rewarding – we can choose our way to experience it. While seemingly there is not much happening in nature, save the banks of snow, beneath the surface, the natural world is resting in preparation of a new season of growth and abundance once more. It is letting go of the dead of a season gone and protecting all that will support its growth in the coming springtime. Perhaps it is a time when you might consider what it is you might be ready to let go of that no longer supports your life in a healthy manner. The Ginkgo tree is one of the most profound teachers of this
great wisdom. Without any visible preparation, it simply – sometimes in a matter of hours – lets go of all its leaves.

In this letting go, the earth beneath it is blanketed in a rich and glorious golden hue – the earth is blessed. It appears as more of a grand celebration than of any loss. My bronze vessel, Ginkgo: Seed of Hope is intended to inspire this same quality in us. It speaks of the notion that each of us represents the “seed of hope” for change – for movement – that each of us are unique and potent avenues of significant change and of hope and peace.  The vessel is accented with the presence of three doves – another symbol of peace. Two of them are resting (as in wintry months) while the third is taking flight – representing the invitation to not only reflect but to also take flight – take action with our reflections. May this New Year, be a year of taking hopeful flight in your life – in the deepest sense and with renowned peace and gratitude.

You may read more about Ginkgo: Seed of Hope here along with the companion writing and poetry.


Michael Dumas

If you have not yet discovered the incredible work of Michael Dumas, a Canadian artist, I invite you to do so soon. His profound awareness of nature and its natural beauty mirror my sense in working with the simplest forms of nature as the deepest, richest seeds of inspiration. He was born and raised in a small town in Ontario, developing his drawing skills at a very young age. He practices a beautiful approach to his work – simply paying grave attention to the quiet, natural moments in his life, and allowing these elements to envelope and enrich his working studio experience. Much of his work intimately reflects his concern for the health and welfare of our natural world. The current issue of Arabella magazine ( presents a fine, personal article profiling his life and work.

He is internationally recognized through The National Museum of Canada, The McMichael Canadian Collection, The Royal Botanical Gardens – Hamilton, The Royal Ontario Museum Toronto, The Theodore Roosevelt Inaugural National Historic Site – Buffalo, N. Y, The Suntory Museum of art – Tokyo & Osaka, Japan, The Yamanakako-Takamura Museum of Arts – Japan. Mitsukoshi Gallery- Tokyo, Matsuya Gallery – Tokyo, Sogo Gallery – Osaka, Nature In Art, the International Museum of Wildlife Art – Gloucester, England.

Looking at his images, it is challenging to choose a favorite piece of work. The attention to detail and manner on both the human form and wild animals, is breath-taking as it profoundly captures the true spirit of the subject. To learn more about Michael, visit: