Everyday Miracles

Today as I gaze through the window beyond my desk looking into my spring garden and watching the birds dance around the feeders, I am distracted by a glimpse of my large Christmas cactus just to the right of the window.  She bloomed beautifully the week after Christmas (close enough for me) and today she boasts one very pregnant bud!  A few weeks ago she did the same but the bud dropped before opening. I was distracted for several weeks and failed to water her as regularly as I should have and here she is once more graciously attempting to capture my attention.  I bought this cactus the day my beloved grandmother made her transition from this earth, in celebration of her and the many gifts she bestowed upon my life. She grew the most extraordinary plants, one of them regularly were  gorgeous Christmas cacti. She sent one to me years ago that accidentally was neglected on the porch when a frost visited during the night. I was deeply saddened to lose it. When I bought this one years ago on the day she transitioned, it was tiny. Today it looks just like one of her heroes in its grandeur.

What is she trying to convey I wonder?  Perhaps she is suggesting that we (I) can expect little miracles anywhere and anytime regardless of the assumed “rules of nature”.  Little miracles sprinkle our days, I believe, and we are often asleep to simply slow down enough to recognize them.  Something as simple as this lovely bud wanting to bloom in springtime is enough to bring a broad smile and warm reminder to me today (and a gentle, loving “hello” to grandma).  I believe we forget miracles are indeed for everyone and in every season. Today I hope you are open to welcome some unexpected miracle in your life – as small as an unexpected bud or bloom or as large you might dare to dream!