Summer Cleaning

As promised, with limited editions, as an edition closes we commit to destroying the mold.  This is often an emotional process – akin to saying a final farewell to a beloved friend. This past week, in the studio, it was time to “let go” of some kindred friends in the mold form.  I was reminded of the wondrous and inspiring spirit of the Ginkgo: Seed of Hope vessel  with its rich reminder to simply “let go”.   It is always a reassuring joy to remember during this process that all the members of the edition are at home somewhere in our  world, hopefully bringing joy and inspiration to many souls.  It is my practice to trust that each piece will indeed find its perfect home – its perfect journey – and at the perfect time.

And, with the destruction of molds, new space is created for the anticipation of new works to come in their season.  In this summer season of rich harvest time, it is a delight to relish with deepest gratitude, in the harvest of the fields and the harvest of the creative process once more.

My gratitude is extended to my growing collector base – without your support my work would not be possible.  You are the faces that bring the possibilities to fruition – that fuel the entire creative process.  Selling a piece gives witness to its impact in our world; and that is the beautiful core of the world of art – to bring a visual impact and hopefully an impact empowered with ripening and ever growing inspiration.  Thank you to each of you who have and continue to support my work allowing me to remain on this wondrous and joyful creative journey.