Marriage of Spirit in Juried Tucson Desert Art Museum Exhibit


Marriage of Spirit, on the optional bronze, base has been accepted into the Juried Empire 100 Western Art Show – an annual show of 100 selected works. The show is held at the Tucson Desert Art Museum with an opening reception on Sunday, March 29, 2015 from 2 – 5 PM. The exhibit will be open from March 29 through April 19, 2015.

The heart-shaped spaces on this piece (within the foliage) can be easily overlooked on the vessel, mirroring how easily our heart space can also be overlooked in our lives; yet it is here (from our hearts) that our love flows most purely and potently. Also hidden in this piece (shown above, on the lower portions of the vessel) are twenty-one life forms sculpted into the root system of the trees: whale, owl, monkey, deer (African Oryx), rabbit, butterfly, starfish, honeybee, frog, floral blooms , humans, bird, cat, whale, elephant, and star. These fifteen different life forms appear in the hidden root system while each woven within the other – feeding one another in an intricate and frequently invisible web. Representative of the miraculous human and all creatures of land, air, and water, all are presented within the single, while complex, circular  root system (representing the Universe at large woven in an infinite web). The images, sculpted low into the piece, are quiet and hidden at first glance mirroring how we typically do not see and honor these deep connections without effort and intention. As we share our heart space, and our loving intentions spill into the world, we are simultaneously sharing it with all the world and all its creatures and beings – invisible or visible to us at the moment.  Read more here . We are delighted this newer work has been accepted into this highly regarded, museum  exhibit.

Marriage of Spirit