Mighty Oak and Possibilities in Juried Exhibition

Mighty Oak$9504" x 4.5 x 4.5"

Mighty Oak
4″ x 4.5 x 4.5″

Mighty Oak and Possibilities have been juried into the 2016 5x5x5 Art Exhibition to be held at the River Oaks Arts Center, 1330 Second Street, Alexandria, LA from November 18, 2016 through January 13, 2017. American Museum Director, Mark A. Tullos, Jr.  was the selected juror for this miniature exhibition. He is currently the President and C.E.O. of the Mississippi Arts and Entertainment Experience. Mighty Oak presents twelve (an elder number) of tiny acorns within the roots of the three trees and offers inspiration to express appreciation for the seeds our elders have planted allowing us to enjoy the subsequent fruits while also igniting a deeper appreciation for the vast potency of OUR individual seeds – no matter how seemingly tiny they may appear to us. This limited edition of 120 pieces is VERY close to selling out, so if you hold interest in this piece now is the time to act.

Possibilities is presented in a satin lined velvet pouch excellent for gift-giving. This small acorn speaks to the promise that each of us – in every season of our lives – are living with absolute purpose – never lost. It is a beautiful desk top, or bookshelf sized inspirational piece.

Possibilities $395 2.75" x 3.5" x 2.5"


2.75″ x 3.5″ x 2.5″

Loving Nature by John Brinkmann

In the current issue of the impressively published magazine, American Bungalow, editor John Brinkmann’s editorial comment was written so beautifully I decided to share it here with all of you. Below is an excerpt from the column available in full-length in the February-May 2015 issue of the magazine. If you are not familiar with this quiet treasure, you might appreciate checking it out – it is published with a truly rare and beautiful quality.

Nature has been temperamental lately, but most of the time it is benign. Either way, our species likes to think our job is to control it. That includes controlling just about everything we know of. It is how we deal with life. In order to live with nature, humans must try to understand it, measure it, make a science of it, often in an effort to rescue it from our own transgressions. As we gain understanding of the natural world, we also discover that we can manipulate it: a preventative medicine here and a genetic modification there. All with the best of human intentions. In fact nature, being the way it is, will forgive any transgressions we might make and continue its journey of wonder, with or without us. 

The estrangement is entirely in our minds. Deep in our hearts we know we are one with nature. It lives inside us somewhere, hidden beneath the controlling ego, and we are completely dependent on it. We feel it in our first breath and every time we open the door and step outside in spring. It is nature, after all, that tells our heart to beat.

The human ego likes to think of its love of nature as a romantic affair, a relationship where we lead a dance of progress and innovation, development and improvement. Nature, being older, wiser and the keeper of all truth, knows our love is the love of a child in the arms of its mother. “  – John Brinkmann; 2015

I love his final line….and its sobering wisdom. We are, indeed, each held and embraced by all of nature – nourished by it – held by it – guided by its incessant voice of wisdom. May you reconnect with this deep essence in these lovely days of early spring!

Everyday Miracles

Today as I gaze through the window beyond my desk looking into my spring garden and watching the birds dance around the feeders, I am distracted by a glimpse of my large Christmas cactus just to the right of the window.  She bloomed beautifully the week after Christmas (close enough for me) and today she boasts one very pregnant bud!  A few weeks ago she did the same but the bud dropped before opening. I was distracted for several weeks and failed to water her as regularly as I should have and here she is once more graciously attempting to capture my attention.  I bought this cactus the day my beloved grandmother made her transition from this earth, in celebration of her and the many gifts she bestowed upon my life. She grew the most extraordinary plants, one of them regularly were  gorgeous Christmas cacti. She sent one to me years ago that accidentally was neglected on the porch when a frost visited during the night. I was deeply saddened to lose it. When I bought this one years ago on the day she transitioned, it was tiny. Today it looks just like one of her heroes in its grandeur.

What is she trying to convey I wonder?  Perhaps she is suggesting that we (I) can expect little miracles anywhere and anytime regardless of the assumed “rules of nature”.  Little miracles sprinkle our days, I believe, and we are often asleep to simply slow down enough to recognize them.  Something as simple as this lovely bud wanting to bloom in springtime is enough to bring a broad smile and warm reminder to me today (and a gentle, loving “hello” to grandma).  I believe we forget miracles are indeed for everyone and in every season. Today I hope you are open to welcome some unexpected miracle in your life – as small as an unexpected bud or bloom or as large you might dare to dream!

Epiphany Blessings to You

Happy Epiphany!  Today, January 6th is Epiphany – the 12th day of Christmas and nearly forgotten by most. In Christian tradition, it is the day the wise men/women completed their journey  – following the wondrous star – to the Christ child. For me, it holds deep and rich inspiration to reflect upon “what Light DO I follow in my life and what Light am I committed to following in this new year?  What is it that truly navigates my path and directs and informs me as I journey?  In Christian tradition it is all tied to the grand celebration of the birth of Christ – to a new birth in our souls. What is it you have given birth to in this season regardless of your religious or spiritual preferences? ? And, it is perhaps helpful to remember that often a new birth requires allowing something else to die – to make room for a new beginning – a truly new birth that we are able to nourish and allow to grow and bloom in our lives.

The winter season, in most climates, brings us indoors more than outdoors while nature moves through its progression of letting go and resting in preparation for yet another spring of new budding and growth.  As we witness from indoors or outdoors, the shifting quiet response of nature to the winter season, may we feel invited to embrace the same quiet time of preparation for ourselves. Appearance wise, it looks as though some of nature is actually dead – barren branches and skeletons of trees starkly marking the landscapes. The skeleton is the bone – the foundation upon which all future budding and growth will sprout. – the foundation upon which all our bodily systems function in miraculous harmony.  As nature requires this season of rest – of dormancy – perhaps we might serve ourselves well to do the same?  Take time to sip that extra cup of tea….take time to enjoy a short nap….take time to sit quietly and simply ponder all the immense wonder surrounding us always.  I like to call this “power lounging”…..taking a few minutes to fuel the soul and truly awaken the spirit.  Happy New Year to you and Happy Power Lounging in 2014 as you quietly prepare to allow a new birth to flow into your life.

National Pollinators Week

This is National Pollination Week – a week for not only celebration but even more so a welcome reminder to create lifestyle choices and habits that protect our beloved and vital pollinators. Six years ago the U.S. Senate’s unanimous approval and designation of a week in June as “National Pollinator Week” marked a necessary step toward addressing the urgent issue of declining pollinator populations.  Pollinator Week has now grown to be an international celebration of the valuable ecosystem services provided by bees, birds, butterflies, bats and beetles. The growing concern for pollinators is a sign of progress, but it is vital that we continue to maximize our collective effort.  The U.S. Secretary of Agriculture signs the proclamation every year. [Read more…]

Celebrating Earth Day

GINKGO SEED OF HOPE Dove in FlightNatures Bounty_Close_Up_EmailInVinoVeritasI_2crop_emApril 26th is Earth Day – a day profoundly worthy of our attention. While we celebrate on the 26th of April, my hope is that it is more than a day of recognition and celebration. I hope it is a day of renewed commitment to our individual habits of truly caring for this miraculous earth and her infinite gifts to us. No matter where we live, there is always nature in some form or another calling for our attention – our appreciation and our respect. If you have not yet viewed the amazingly wonderful BBC video titled Planet Earth I hope you will this year. Much of the footage is the result of first time ever capturing remote places and creatures on film  –  it is beyond miraculous. Nature not only brings us utter beauty in all her seasons, she also inspires us to follow her wisdom in infinite ways. She is a wise and wondrous teacher. My work as an artist has been richly and consistently inspired by the map of nature – the wisdom of nature – the rich and potent connection of nature to the spiritual realms.

Perhaps this year on Earth Day you might commit to adding one more element of caring to your daily habits. It may be something as simple as noticing and respecting insects instead of simply squishing them with your foot – closely watching the spring budding in progress with deep appreciation and awe – walking outdoors daily with an open heart of gratitude – and planting something – anything – and caring for it as it grows.  Planet Earth is not the only living planet but as its stewards, it is ours alone to nurture and appreciate. It is our home on this earthly journey and caring for it respects not only the earth but ourselves at once. In reality, there is no separation between it and us – we are one. Caring for our blessed earth is indeed caring ourselves and each other – today and for the many generations to come.

Picasso’s Wisdom

Today is the first day of spring! A time when we each can more easily see the beauty of nature waking up once more; and find our spirits renewed as we welcome the growing – greening – season of spring! Few things can truly “awaken our spirit” as does spring – art is one of those rare gifts that indeed does just that. Like the spring, it reminds us of a deeper truth – of the undercurrents of living a full and rich life – of all that is indeed growing and alive whether we readily see it or not with the human eye. Pablo Picasso perhaps says it best: “Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.”   I love this quote from Picasso as it so articulately expresses the true beauty and magic of fine art. A beautiful creation of art, should indeed, renew our spirit and allow us to readily see and more deeply appreciate the true beauty of life. It is always a hope that my work will indeed cleanse the soul – allowing us to recognize again its perfection while renewing our spirit. Our world may not need art to survive, but indeed it needs the finest art to truly and joyfully thrive! May your spirit be renewed as you welcome this new spring and all the glorious gifts nature incessantly refuses not to share. All of life is well – indeed perfect – beautiful.  Warmest spring blessings to you this day!

Saint Patrick’s Day Celebration of the Clover

Here we are in March already. Time surely seems to be collapsing as the first day of spring is less than two weeks away. On March 17th many will celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day and green clovers (shamrocks) will infiltrate our stores and homes.

Watch for our upcoming new release Nature’s Bounty to be released later this spring, featuring the white clover and honoring the vital honeybee. It is a very small piece with a very large appeal to truly awaken our conscious awareness of the importance of protecting our global colonies of honeybees. Surrounded by a blanket of clover leaves and while clover blooms, one single, tiny honeybee subtly finds nourishment in a bloom. With a closer look into this bronze field of blooming clover one will find a treasured four-leaf clover. Did you know that the tiny, remarkable honeybee is responsible for pollinating over one third of the fruits and vegetables we eat? Did you know they are declining in population at an absolutely alarming rate? These small and wondrous insects have one of the most sophisticated community habits in the insect world – they are both fascinating and wondrous.

While you celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day I invite you to also celebrate the clover as one of the most vital sources for the sustenance of the honeybee. Once released, you will find a plethora of facts on our website regarding both the clover and the honeybee. In addition, we will be posting a list of many simple steps you can take to share in protecting the honeybee from extinction.


Using our current day Gregorian calendar, the sequence of 11.11.11 occurring this month marks a once in a one-hundred year time when the month, day, and year reads 11.11.11. Sequential identical numbers have a recorded historical significance among many scholars. It is thought they hold highly energetic power and we are encouraged to be awake to experiencing their power in our individual lives.  Digital clocks of our day make this an even easier – more frequent – experience.  I invite each of you to simply notice a sequence of identical numbers in your lives and particularly to give attention to the upcoming experience of 11.11.11. When we are awake to this event, we might take a few minutes to direct our inner attention to the deepest roots of our lives – to what we most hope to manifest in and through our lives. The entire universe may resonate with your intention and you may well experience a deep and rich amplification of your intent.  There is indeed power in unity and the entire world will be experiencing the magical qualities of this day together. What if we each held a great Light in our hearts for healing of our world – blessing of it and of each of us – growing us vastly toward leading more balanced, harmonious lives? The results may be astounding.  It is possible. This perfect balance is beautifully demonstrated to us through nature every day (another voice of incessant inspiration).

My bronze Trillium vessel illuminates this perfection.  I the trillium’s most apparent growing habit of “threes” – 3 leaved foliage, 3 sepals, 3 petals, 3 part ovary, etc. You can read all the details about this plant and the vessel here: http://www.allemanstudios.com/trillium.html. Trillium has 9 blooms (3×3) and stands 6 inches (3+3) tall, with 3 ants etched in its base (the invisible helpers) – all in an edition size of 111.

In its lovely pattern of growing, it inspires me to embrace the essence of the perfection each of us truly is.  I invite you to read    much more about it on the website and allow this lovely woodland plant to inspire you while bringing a worthy element of profound beauty to your life as well.  Open yourself to the magical, wonderful qualities of your natural beauty, planted within the natural beauty of our world, and allow the mysterious essence of the 11.11.11 to impact your life.