Tempe Center for the Arts Green and Gray Opening

The vibrant opening of the Green and Gray exhibition  at the Tempe Center for the Arts was marvelously successful Friday evening. The attendance was impressively high and continued consistently through the three hour reception. Below enjoy some images from the opening and mark your calendars to attend, if possible, before the exhibition closes on January 2, 2016. We are most grateful for the amazingly hard and capable work of the entire staff at the Tempe Center for the Arts – it is a striking and wonderful exhibit. Participating artists include: Carol Alleman, Susan Beiner,Peter Bugg, Christine Casino, Angela Cazel-Jahn,Candace Eisenfeld, Steve Gomf, Preston Graves, Jonathan Howard, Mohammed Reza Javaheri, Karen Jilly, Catherine Nash and Ellen Wagener.


Carol with Illusion of Complexity, Graceful One and Seeds of Harmony


Read about the essence of the collective exhibit here



IMG_3642 iContact enhanced_edited-1

Visitors explore the exhibit. Transitions II right foreground and Celestial Joy left foreground. Woodland Queens (not shown) was placed just inside the entrance.

TCA iContact clay and bronze

Trinity and Gratitude are both exhibited showing the original clay vessels and the finished cast bronze Foundry Proofs. An abbreviated paper tour of the process is displayed on the wall to left.

TCA iContact Guests view Montage Abundance, Twilgiht Stars and clay original of Transitions_edited-1

Visitors admire Montage Abundance, Twilight Stars and the original clay version of Transitions – later enlarged to 42″ becoming Transitions II


Carol explains the symbolism of Celestial Joy and the process to interested guests

TCA iContact Transitions II and 3 other works_edited-1

Guest admires painting by Candace Eisenfeld and Transitions II – the two works presented beautifully together