Love Blooms Earns First Place Award

Love Blooms earned the FIRST PLACE AWARD in the 2019 311 Gallery, Flowers and Gardens National Juried Exhibition, Raleigh, NC. The exhibit opens July 4, 2019.


June is National Pollinator Month in the USA. The studio celebrates our pollinators through several bronze vessels: Twilight Stars (evening primrose moth), Nature’s Bounty (honeybee), and Awakening Bliss (NEW Release with three honey bees).

Awakening Bliss features the red corn poppy and THREE HONEYBEES on the vibrant vessel standing 17.25″ high. We are pleased to release this piece during National Pollinator Month 2019 to instill a deepening awareness of the plight of our beloved and vital honey bees. Honey bees alone account for more than one-third of the fruits and vegetables we enjoy every day. For each studio sale of Nature”s Bounty ( a field of white clover with one honeybee) a studio donation is made to one of the various organizations devoted to research, education and awareness of the honey bee. These amazingly intelligent insects are remarkable examples of living in community with generosity, intelligence, and cooperation.

Check out how you might participate in a local event in your area, and allow yourself to be nudged to initiate a new personal practice to support their lives and the lives of all our vital pollinators. Each small personal act makes a valuable contribution.


Today is Mother’s Day. Ultimately it is only a date on our calendar, yet it is also a welcome reminder to express our gratitude and love to our mothers. We do this most often to our birth or adopted mothers, but I believe we might benefit from extending that recognition to include the many “mothers” of the collective – and the diverse ways in which women “mother”. We each, childless or having born many children, hold the wisdom and compassion our entire world yearns to experience more fully and more authentically.

So today, I celebrate my birth mother (who transitioned from this world in 2018) AND I celebrate those not so often recognized on this day – those who more quietly while beautifully and powerfully mother others. May each of these women feel empowered and honored for the loving and courageous warriors of change they truly represent. To mother is to love in the deepest sense – your gift is indeed no small thing.

Grand Opening Celebrations

Grand Opening Celebrations of the McMinnville Center for the Arts, 636 NE Baker Street, McMinnville OR will take place May 25 and 26, 2019. Carol will be attending the opening events on May 25th. Join us to welcome this new venue for wine tasting, fine art, and poetry in the beautiful Williamette Valley.

SPRING EQUINOX and Trilliums Blooming


Wednesday we celebrated our Spring Equinox in the USA and the 3rd and final super moon. Very soon we begin to enjoy the longer and warmer days; and many of you feel you cannot wait for those warmer days to arrive. This is the season to also discover and appreciate our sweet, beloved Trilliums…so be wakeful and watchful in these marvelous, early spring days…those sweet little blooms patiently await  your notice.


Quiet Radiance

The trillium plants remind us that it often takes a willingness to slow down and take the time to look closely at everything surrounding us to recognize the true beauty right at our feet. That beauty is ALWAYS present simply awaiting our appreciation of it. We touch hundreds of items each day without truly giving attention to the item or its essence – we simply use or discard of it at will. We forget we can simply be aware of the many things we do consciously and gratefully rather than move through our days in a mode of pure habit and pattern. When we can be fully present with both the seemingly significant AND seemingly insignificant tasks of our days – we find a very welcome sense of peacefulness in every task – and we quite naturally begin to trust and appreciate both its contribution and its perfection. Noticing the tiny blooms of the trillium requires us to give full attention to nature’s nurturing voice of Spring.

Both Quiet Radiance and Trillium vessels were inspired by two different species within the trillium family. These lovely little woodland plants bloom in early spring days and one must be alert and wakeful to find and warmly appreciate them.

Both of these vessels, and the trillium plants are all about mother natures perfect design of threes. The number three is highly symbolic; and frequently an integral essence of my vessels. For me, it is symbolic of Mother, Father, Child; Beginning, Middle, End; Birth, Life, Death; Father, Son, Holy Spirit; the Buddhist three precious jewels; etc. All trilliums have 3 petals, 3 sepals, a 3 part ovary, and the leaves whorl out in threes. Trilliums bloom within two different categories: pedicellate and sessile. The trillium erectum (the Trillium vessel with red blooms) is pedicellate and the yellow trillium is sessile (Quiet Radiance). The yellow trillium on Quiet Radiance blooms without a stem and slightly more modestly. The erectum rises up above the foliage and blooms from a stem. Some of we humans bloom this way as well – some quietly and others rising up with a more vocal pronouncement.

Both vessels have 3 ants etched into the bottom of the vessel. This is symbolic of  the ants, attracted to the oil rich appendage of the seeds, help invisibly (beneath the surface of the soils) propogate these protected and endangered plants. This habit reminds us to be grateful for the many invisible helpers ALWAYS present,even if not seen with our eyes, in our lives. 

Three ants etched onto bottom of Quiet Radiance


Trillium, 6″ h (3+3)


Both Graceful One and In Vino Veritas I will be shown during ART WEEK at The Russell Museum in Great Falls, MT March 20-24, 2019 by The Samarah Fine Art Gallery of Whitefish, MT. This gala week event is when Great Falls truly comes to life as art overtakes the entire community with quick draws, musicians, art demonstrations, hotels filled with fine art and artists themselves available to visit. We are pleased to have two pieces be a part of this notoriously highly attended event.

Graceful One

In Vino Veritas I


The Shemer Museum and Art Center, 5005 West Camelback Road, Phoenix, AZ has invited In Vino Veritas I and Reality to be represented in their Mini Masterpieces Exhibition. The exhibition opens with a reception on February 21 from 6-8 PM. The exhibition runs from February 21 – March 21, 2019. Carol plans to attend the opening reception. We are honored to be a part of this exhibition.

In Vino Veritas I
11.25″ x 6.25″ x 6.25″

SOLD OUT, 1 Artist Proof Available $3200
6.5″ x 4.75″ x 4.75″

New Alleman Gallery Partnerships in 2019

The studio has entered into partnership with two additional fine art galleries beginning in 2019. We are excited to be working with these two galleries and extend representation of the work within Oregon and begin representation, for the first time, in Montana.

Samarah Fine Art
16 Baker Avenue
Whitefish, MT  59937


McMinnville Center of Art
626 NE Baker Street
McMinnville, OR 97128

Love Blooms in Exhibit at Mesa Contemporary Arts Museum

Love Blooms will be included in the 2019, 40th Annual Crafts Exhibition at the Mesa Contemporary Arts Museum. Fifty works – representing 13 states – were chosen for the exhibition from 214 works. The 2019 juror is Luiza deCamargo, Associate Curator at the Society of Arts and Crafts.  The exhibition opens with a reception on February 8, 2019 from 7-10 Pm with musical entertainment by The Dusty Ramblers. The exhibit will be shown in the Dobson Main Gallery and runs through April 21, 2019.

Love Blooms
8.5″ x 4.75″ x 4.75″