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Celestial Joy elegantly and beautifully placed in Texas…

Idea House AZ

Woodland Queens, Idea House, AZ

Ginkgo: Seed of Hope and Infinity in Georgia

Ginkgo: Seed of Hope Ginkgo: Seed Of Hope in GeorgiaInfinity in Georgia Infinity

Twilight Stars in Texas


“Bronzes have been a favorite since I purchased my first one in 1976. None of the other pieces have the beautiful detail and color of this new piece. It is the culmination of my bronze collection…”  – anonymous collector in Texas

The Seed in Ontario, Canada

“Our Acorn sculpture holds an honored place in our home – providing a strong yet serene presence that our eyes return to again and again.”
Anonymous Collector
Ontario, Canada

Aries Maple and Trinity in California


“Sweet Aries Maple
inspiring me to trust
my voice above all others

Sweet Aries Maple
calling me to be willing to be first
when the season is ripe “

-Carol Alleman

Collector in Andover, Kansas

Carol AllemanCarol Alleman
Carol Alleman Carol Alleman

Top Image: Woodland Queens Bottom Image: Seeds of Harmony

Celestial Joy in Temecula, CA

Celestial Joy by Carol Alleman shown in a collectors home

Photo of Celestial Joy courtesy of Anonymous Collector in Temecula, CA.

N. Barnes Olympia, WA

Image of Carol Alleman's Aries Maple in collectors home
Image of Carol Alleman's Aries Maple in collectors home
Aries Maple
“Sweet Aries Maple
reminding us of the Great Power

and of our power – at once”

The Miranda Collection, Portland, OR

Carol Alleman's Bronze Vessel, Nature's Bounty, showing the white clover and the honey bee.
Carol Alleman's bronze vessels

Nature’s Bounty
(left), Trillium and Gratitude (RIght Image) among various global arts and crafts works.

E. Walker in Scituate, MA

Carol AllemanCarol Alleman

Nature’s Bounty,
Mighty Oak,
Aries Maple,
You are a Branch of the Tree of Life.