Artist Statement

The ancient, feminine vessel form has become my signature canvas. I welcome other forms, dimensions and presentations as they arise in their season and enrich my ground of creative exploration.  Intricately developed, multi-colored patinas continue to both challenge and entice me as I explore and expand the limits of traditional patina in my major body of bronze sculpture.

Forms, creatures and numeric elements take on a sometimes cloaked and sometimes visible presence in my work weaving a mystical, symbolic thread. I am continuously inspired by the incessant, mystical voice of nature and the human spirit in all its colors.  Coupled with the profoundly feminine qualities of the vessel form, nature enkindles me to give voice to the darker corners of the heart while igniting a glowing ray of hope and solidarity. Unceasingly, I hope to be an ever growing gardener of the soul through my intertwining visual and written expressions, and a growing advocate for nature conservation.

Carol Alleman with Mighty Oak

The intertwining dance – of nature, vessels, and the spiritual realm – continues to prevail in my work. Qualities of the ancient vessel mirror my essence of living and creating. The circular form is powerful in its representation of the never-ending journey of eternity. The feminine vessel energies illuminate a willingness to receive (remaining open), a penchant to nourish (embrace and enrich), and an intention to renew this cycle through sharing (pouring forth and giving birth). The endlessly inspiring vessel qualities, coupled with my deep appreciation for the immense wisdom and beauty of nature, continue to be fertile seeds for the Tree of Life Series.  The alluring and beautifully hued wildflowers of the Nature Series expand the body of work with a captivating and distinctively brilliant palette.  Organic and mystical, each of the vessels impart an ethereal quality.

Sketch for Sacred Marriage

Sketch for Sacred Marriage

Author Ted Andrews, in Animal-Speak, suggests: “Every flower blossoms with reminders to be creative, and every tree whispers with its rustling leaves the secrets of life.” Trees and flowers, nature and all Her elements indeed seem to whisper to me incessantly as I sculpt and write.  Their language is mystical and magical, apparent and elusive, evocative and reassuring. Seemingly common elements and threads weave themselves together, through my hands and words, into amazingly poignant and often cryptic expressions. Again and again, I am blessed and inspired by the choir of guiding Voices throughout the process. The voices of the clay are the Voices of my inner guidance, holding a language I believe speaks to me and all of us at once. It is typically only after the vessel is completed that I am able to fully recognize and appreciate its full essence. The vessels evolve into treasures with a sensation of history and antiquity – rich in a tapestry of story and symbolism. Forms, creatures and numeric elements take on a sometimes cloaked or sometimes visible presence in my work, while continually weaving a mystical, symbolic thread.

Companion writing accompanies most of my work. Once I feel I have received the essence of the vessels’ intention, I engage in lengthy research regarding the elements and images to be included. The writing unfolds gradually throughout the process. This prose is offered as a seed to ignite one’s own contemplation while sharing the symbolic interpretation regarding the significance of the piece, to me, as it was born. It is my hope that the work will speak in many languages, changing from season to season in one’s own life journey. I believe my writings to be messengers reaching far beyond the seed I receive while creating them.

Each piece is authored with a mark resembling a very broad, cursive “Z”, found beside my signature. This mark is an expression of the Spirit (Wind) always moving within and around us. It is my way of remembering and acknowledging I never create alone – perhaps more accurately, my mark of gratitude.

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