Celebrating Earth Day

GINKGO SEED OF HOPE Dove in FlightNatures Bounty_Close_Up_EmailInVinoVeritasI_2crop_emApril 26th is Earth Day – a day profoundly worthy of our attention. While we celebrate on the 26th of April, my hope is that it is more than a day of recognition and celebration. I hope it is a day of renewed commitment to our individual habits of truly caring for this miraculous earth and her infinite gifts to us. No matter where we live, there is always nature in some form or another calling for our attention – our appreciation and our respect. If you have not yet viewed the amazingly wonderful BBC video titled Planet Earth I hope you will this year. Much of the footage is the result of first time ever capturing remote places and creatures on film  –  it is beyond miraculous. Nature not only brings us utter beauty in all her seasons, she also inspires us to follow her wisdom in infinite ways. She is a wise and wondrous teacher. My work as an artist has been richly and consistently inspired by the map of nature – the wisdom of nature – the rich and potent connection of nature to the spiritual realms.

Perhaps this year on Earth Day you might commit to adding one more element of caring to your daily habits. It may be something as simple as noticing and respecting insects instead of simply squishing them with your foot – closely watching the spring budding in progress with deep appreciation and awe – walking outdoors daily with an open heart of gratitude – and planting something – anything – and caring for it as it grows.  Planet Earth is not the only living planet but as its stewards, it is ours alone to nurture and appreciate. It is our home on this earthly journey and caring for it respects not only the earth but ourselves at once. In reality, there is no separation between it and us – we are one. Caring for our blessed earth is indeed caring ourselves and each other – today and for the many generations to come.