Colorado Springs with the Broadmoor Galleries



This week I was delighted to be able to work with the wonderful staff at the Broadmoor Galleries in Colorado Springs, CO. On the left, Carol explains the symbolism of the small, beloved Aries Maple vessel explaining the symbolism of the nine maple keys (seed pods) within the root system – the zodiac sun sign of Aries holds the attribute of always wanting to be or go “first” – this same attribute is  true to the maple species – always they bud out when most others remain in winter slumber. The 193 edition size was chosen to represent the “1” of wanting/a willingness to go or be first (to speak or do), coupled with the nine seed pods and 3 trees = 193. On the right, Carol shares a few moments during the wet morning hours with gallery manager, Krista.

It was a lovely day devoted to working closely with the staff, gaining more understanding of how we might better support them, and helping them grow more familiar and comfortable with me and the entire body of work. What a lovely, deep joy to be in partnership with this talented staff. Visit the gallery – it’s a unique treasure chest of amazingly beautiful works!