Extraordinary Ordinary Walks

The late author Ted Andrews, in his well-known book Animal-Speak  writes; “Every flower blossoms with reminders to be creative and every tree whispers with its rustling leaves the secrets of life”.  Ted’s work continues to be a steadfast  companion and reference for me. His wisdom in understanding the language and  gifts of animals, insects, and the plant world is remarkable and inspiring.  With every morning walk, indeed the flower blossoms and trees whisper to me.

This morning, on my walk I encountered a hawk perched high  on the top of a palm tree. He perched for a few minutes while I stood in absolute wonder sending him my thoughts of appreciation and awe. These amazing creatures are potent reminders  of our ability to soar high and glide upon the currents of life. Most often  they are spotted, as I did this morning – perched high in search of prey while grounded.  Days ago I viewed a local TV presentation  highlighting the Harris hawk in Scottsdale AZ. Just outside the yard of a  Scottsdale homeowner, two hawks built their nest. The couple was able to  witness, from their backyard, the incredible wonder in watching the eggs hatch  and the babies grow. Within a month they were stretching their wings and  beginning to hop as preparation for their first flight. What a delight for this  desert couple to observe, so closely,  the beautiful miracles of nature.

Later in my walk I  was welcomed by numerous colorful butterflies and scurrying lizards. Ted  Andrews suggests the lizard energies can remind us to let go of old patterns or  wounds that bind us and grow anew from them. When the lizard loses its tail to  a predator, it grows a new one! What a wonderful and freeing inspiration. And,  butterflies as we all know are welcome reminders of transformation and rebirth.  Those rare and wonderful moments when we are able to still ourselves from all  distractions enough to thoughtfully  notice the miraculous creatures that inhabit our earth are indeed precious. You  need not be in any renowned vista or special setting to appreciate these  everyday miracles. Your own backyard, large or small, is a welcome place to  quiet yourself and simply  notice the  life unfolding in natural balance. Wherever you are is the perfect place. Seemingly simple moments as these continue  to deeply inspire, direct and expand my work.  I am saddened to witness so many people walking in nature with earphones plugging their ears, or cell phones tucked to their ears. Every day is a window  of wonder….waiting for us to still ourselves enough to notice the seemingly  small movements and encounters with a most grateful heart – it is in these  moments that I believe we each receive profound nourishment and gifts.