Gardenia Inspiration


3 gardenia gardenai cluster

Blooming Inspiration

This ordinary spring morning while writing on my patio, the sweet, pungent aroma of my gardenia plant was nearly overwhelming. It is currently a huge, swelling mound of white blooms spilling their perfume across the patio and beyond. I love my gardenia plant and its sweet fragrance.  And, I love this potent season where new garden blooms seem to open hourly. What sweet fragrance do I spill upon this world, I wondered? And, am I awake to this new season of daring to simply and effortlessly allow my petals to unfold and bless this world?  The plants are never fearful of their blooming – unlike us – and yet as they do each and every spring we often neglect to allow them to truly inspire us to dare to open a new bloom of our own and sweep our world with a brand new fragrance. I hope your spring garden is radiant; spilling inspiration and encouragement to you for new, fearless blooming in your life. This very spring has never happened before – may you too bloom in ways you have never bloomed before.

Warmest Spring Blessings to each of you!