Green and Gray Exhibition at Tempe Center for the Arts

Carol has been honored with an invitation to participate in the upcoming 2015 Green and Gray exhibition at the Tempe Center for the Arts, in Tempe AZ. Carol’s participation will include retrospective pieces among the 13 Alleman works presented.  The exhibition will open October 2, 2015 and run through January 9, 2016.

Free Public Reception: 6-9 pm | Oct 2 | Gallery

This exhibition is about the world between the natural landscape and the built environment. People often associate the color green with life and the color gray with coldness. But that isn’t always the case, not all that is green is natural and not all that is gray is manmade. Each artist in this exhibition explores subjects and imagery that show where these elements of the natural and built environment merge, converge and/or conflict. Artists include: Carol Alleman, Susan Beiner, Peter Bugg, Christine Cassano, Angela Cazel-Jahn, Candace Eisenfeld, Steve Gompf, Preston Graves, Jonathan Howard, Mohammed Reza Javaheri, Karen Jilly, Catherine Nash and Ellen Wagener.”

Carol will exhibit the following works: Transitions vessel in original, hand-coiled clay form; Trinity vessel in original, hand-coiled clay form; Gratitude in original hand-coiled clay form; Transitions II (bronze); Montage Abundance (bronze); Illusion of Complexity (bronze); Seeds of Harmony (bronze); Gratitude (bronze); Trinity (bronze); Woodland Queens (bronze); Celestial Joy (bronze); and Graceful One (bronze). Companion Writings and an overview of the complete process of bringing each piece to life will be included in this retrospective exhibit.

Carol will be attending the opening reception on October 2, 2015 from 6-9 PM. Admission for the opening reception is free.

Montage Abundance Sold Out 11" x 13.5" x 13.5"

Montage Abundance 


Gratitude Sold Out 7.25" x 6" x 6"



Trinity Sold Out 7" x 7" x 7"



Transitions II$23,62542" x 25" x 25"

Transitions II 

Graceful One $3,600 14.5" x 7" x 7"

Graceful One