Thanksgiving Blessings

At this beautiful harvest time of year, my thoughts naturally turn to my amazing and wonderful collectors and supporters of my work – and of the visual arts at large. Recently, during a telephone call confirming the details of a sale, the new collector and I were sharing thoughts around the value of what I do – what all artists do. She made a comment to me, that was ever inspiring, and in my opinion, so very truthful. She said: “Our world can exist without art – but it will not thrive with joy.”

So, I extend my very warmest gratitude to each of you who have collected my work and to those of you who have simply and deeply encouraged it. Without your ongoing support, and wonderful encouragement, I could not continue to create with the joy I know and love so well. It is always my greatest intent, to offer some small seed of beautiful inspiration to our world, through my work, and I hope it has, if even in some small way or for a brief moment – opened you to a new sense of wonder, recognition and gratitude. I hope it does indeed bring a deep seed of nourishing joy to your life.

Warmest Thanksgiving Blessings to each of you!