Wintry Season

Most of us, here in the USA, are now enjoying the winter season. While the trees stand barren it appears as though little is happening – stark, graying landscapes easily induce a wintry sleepiness in us. Yet, while we slumber in this quiet season so much is happening beneath the surface of what our eyes might see. ALL the landscape is being perfectly fed as it rests in dormancy. We too need a resting time in our seasons, and winter calls us to SLOW DOWN and slumber deeply, allowing the inner world to more deeply find us once more.

During those long quiet nights the crocus corms are being nourished for their ripe, bright promise of spring to come. During those long quiet nights, not unlike the evening primrose, a wealth of blooming is happening beneath the scope of our vision.

May you trust the nourishing gifts of this quiet season…..bundle up and nestle down….rest deeply in the quiet knowing that indeed this winter season is as potent as all others. This is the season of invisible miracles taking root…..the season of quiet, invisible blooming. This is the season to once more, follow natures map and trust its perfect flow of the rhythms of growth…of rest….of nourishment….of sheer, blooming perfection.