Quiet Blessing

edition of 200
6″ x 6″ plaque

Now Available Framed
Custom Tobacco (immediately below) No Longer Available

Oxidized Gold Frame Available

Quiet Blessings FrmedQuiet Blessings Frmed

you bud
reminding us of all
that is yet to be born
through our budding
and assuring us a new season
will give witness to all
we nourish within.

your new leaf opens
unfolding yet another possibility
reminding us of our own possibilities
for opening
if just a bit, just a bit
this season
then next.

you offer a seed
to the Great Wind
giving all you are
to the infinite Spirit
trusting its journey
its potency exactly
where It blows.

you display your
new colors to the world
daring to be bold and seen
in all your radiant Beauty
while fully prepared
to offer your palette of radiance
again to the Wind.

you sprinkle the earth with your
colors as you let go
one by one by one
and watch each one dance
with the Wind to the blessed
River and Rock that feeds you,
as it feeds us.

you shed your bark
when the season is ripe
with a deep, full knowing
it’s time to simply shed
all that no longer nourishes you
savoring the Core that is
truly You and Us at once.

in this flawless rhythm
in your graceful surrender
you nudge us to trust
our roots as yours
dance in our Radiance
sprout, grow
and let go.

you grow older and older
and time and weather
mark you as their own
and yet again
you fall to the Earth
as the echo of your sacred Voice
blesses us once more.

Quiet blessing
you are indeed,
growing, giving
surrendering, loving –
a resonate, infinite mirror
of all we seek
and all we Are
within the Roots we share.