edition of 30
5.75″h x 5.75″w

Serenity by Carol Alleman

sit wakefully amidst
your raw experience of disarray
even firing flames of rage

like the silent, rooted trees
open your arms – widely – expectantly
embracing the Higher Realm in one deep breath

allow yourself and all your illusions
to be swallowed – transformed
into a heart of loving serenity


The three quiet trees stretch simply upward toward the higher realms. With branches intertwined, several heart-shaped openings in the foliage softly represent the opening of one’s heart toward this Higher Realm – toward the Light.

Most, if not all of us, encounter ongoing challenges of conflict, irritation, confusion, disappointment and rage in our lives. Many of us deeply suppress these emotions unable to findSerenity by Carol Alleman resolution; and in an attempt to find respite from their torment we deeply (and often unknowingly) suppress them. Intentionally very quiet, Serenity is hoped to inspire a willingness to embrace these situations by quietly lifting them upward while realizing the potent stories they truly are – illusions. Our stories are always exactly what we choose to believe about them; often escalating and repeating the felt pain over and over again to ourselves. While often required actions associated with each of these challenges are apparent (and hopefully healthy), each of us in any situation may choose to hold it as a gift yet to be opened.; as we choose our manner in holding it within our lives. We fail to truly explore the realities of many painful situations; and hence rob ourselves of hidden treasures it might offer to illuminate our lives. Often when we allow ourselves to feel, whole-heartedly, our rage, disappointment, and anger, and examine it with honest intent, it then holds the power to be transformed into love – into a gift. It is perfectly natural for the human form to experience a myriad of emotions. Within every life experience rests an often somewhat hidden gift – yet we may not be able to see, with earthly eyes, the potently deep connections of each of these events. The soft, hidden heart shaped openings represent the quiet potency of allowing our hearts to open to this grand mystery and to rest serenely in that space of both knowing and unknowing at once. It is in surrendering to this greater force that we each may find the rich blessing of serenity.

Three, a highly mystical and spiritual number, trees were chosen representative of this universal grand triad – above, below, within; beginning, middle, end; Christian Father, Son, Holy Spirit; Mother, Father, Child; the Buddhist three precious jewels; among others. The edition size of Serenity is 30 symbolic of the powerful number 3. The companion writing also holds three verses. Serenity is a sister vessel to Marriage of Spirit – they hold much in common (including size and shape) but each displays its own unique trees and Marriage of Spirit presents a hidden web of creatures of land, sea and air within the root system. Serenity, in contrast, presents a textural illusion of images within the root system symbolic of the illusions we carry precluding us from experiencing a sense of serenity. Either or both are available with an optional bronze base cast from a slice of the ironwood tree and providing slight additional height and an added organic element. They make a lovely “couple” while each also stands quietly, while powerfully, alone.
My hope is that Serenity may inspire, in each who find themselves drawn to her, a gentle invitation to invite and embrace even our rage into wholeness and an absolute loving presence of serenity – for ourselves and our world. It is when we are able to embrace without attachment that we open ourselves to the joys of serenity.


Detail of subtle heart-shaped openings

This vessel makes a lovely, quality cremation urn. The top opening is 1 3/8″ and many simply use a flexible plastic pouch to insert the ashes or a commercial tube or canister.

© C. Alleman 2014