Garden of Promises

each vessel stands 6.25″ high by 4.5″ wide
Garden of Promises, Carol Alleman's first consort of bronze vessels, of the crocus
Ruby Promises Blue Promises Snowy White Promises Golden Promises Promises
edition of 99
edition of 99
edition of 399
edition of 99
edition of 99


We are given visible reminders
that each and every season
holds its own ripe purpose
So it is
with the crocus bloom
pushing through the crusted snow
a welcome reminder of the
Garden of Promises
in which we live

Please visit individual pages for imagery and writing for each individual vessel within the garden: Golden Promises, Promises, Ruby Promises, Snowy White Promises, and Blue Promises.

The full GARDEN OF PROMISES was exhibited at Cornell Museum of Art, DelRay Beach; FL in 2014

Inspiration for Garden of Promises

Both Promises and Golden Promises inspired the creation of Garden of Promises.  Warm memories of Pennsylvania’s early spring days brought the crocus plant to my table of creativity.

The dependable crocus colorfully proclaimed spring’s impending arrival; long before there was any other visible indications of its approach (save perhaps the tiny snowdrops).  Many times these delicately, determined crocus denied the crusted snow its tenacity, popping their brilliant little heads through layers of both ice and snow. Most times, the short emerald, spear-like tips  appeared precisely when we had simply “had enough” of the cold, short winter days and mounding drifts of snow. They promised new and hopeful days exactly when many grew sluggish and experienced the depths of “winter blues”.

In Lancaster County, the yearly discovery of the first crocus petals seemed an unspoken child-like contest among female adults in their banter: “Are your crocus up yet? Mine are!”  Within these heart-warming memories, I received a larger gift. Here, in the desert of Arizona, we do not experience the unexpected joy of the crocus announcing the coming of spring. Yet, each spring I fondly remember their quiet sweetness and the contagious hopefulness they impart.  The crocus promises the imminent arrival of spring.

The tiny, brilliant crocus continues, consistently, each spring, to remind me of mysterious promises in its sweet whisper: nature knows…nature shows…the Way.