edition of 54
7.25″ h x 6″ w

gratitude detailFluttering, brilliant, delicate poppies
Dot the landscape as patches of golden jewels,
Each offering its own, unique and essential,
small and vibrant, stroke of color.

The radiant sun lowers in the sky
and her petals gently close
as if to offer a prayerful gratitude
for all she receives and all she is.

Resting through the quiet night,
holding and embracing the companion of grace
gratitudeShe slumbers, quietly held
In utter, and perfect peace.

With the rising light of day,
Quietly and gently, grace alone
Opens her once more, to a fresh, new day
and the magical abundance of all it holds.

In her opening and closing,
receiving and offering,
she becomes a metaphor of gratitude itself
and the unending circle of Love.

Fluttering, brilliant, delicate poppies,
remind me to open myself,
embrace my day with gratitude,
and realize the unending circle of Love

GRATITUDE was included in the Gala Exhibition at The National Museum of Women in the Arts, Washington, D.C in 2011


The Gratitude vessel is an inspiration for developing a personal and intentional practice of daily gratitude. Fields and gardens of poppies often capture our hearts bringing broad smiles of appreciation for their delicate, natural beauty.  No matter the climate on any particular day, their golden-orange petals flutter like brilliant ribbons. With the setting sun, they gently close their petals, as if in a prayerful, embracing gratitude.

The Gratitude vessel form mirrors the profile of folded hands inviting us to a practice of daily and humble gratitude.