Maple Joys

edition of 390DSC_9962-2
8.5″ h x 5.75″ w

who cannot recall
the joyful, playful
childhood times
playing with the maple keys?

nosies – whirlygigs – helicopters
whatever name you chose
opening the wings and
sticking them to your nose

maple blooms before
most other trees
likely even first
she is bold and certain

In early years
she joyfully played with us
raining her keys upon
the sweet earth

In latter years
she quietly calls to us
inviting us to bloom first
with absolute certainty and joy


The two-legged maple keys are designed for the wind to easily carry them great distances. They spin in their dance to the earth, using their two blades to truly fly with the wind.  Perhaps this is why so many adopted the nickname helicopters?  The wind, for me, has long held the symbolic significance of Spirit. I use a mark on each of my vessels, adjacent to my signature, symbolic of the Wind – mark of appreciation and gratitude remembering that I never create alone. For me, the strong movement of the wind has always been a hopeful reminder that the Spirit is always moving, regardless of what we each are doing/seeing.

It’s interesting that the maple is one of the first trees to blossom/seed – at a time when most other trees are just beginning to awaken from their winter slumber. Mighty maple dares to ‘go first’, seemingly in a great hurry to blossom first then drop its seeds for the growth of a new season. I very much appreciate the idea of always being in a hurry to grow into a new season.

Maple Joys has nine keys (seed pods) and three leaves; hence, the edition size of 390. It is appropriate in an easel for table top display or it may be hung on the wall. It is presented with an easel. It is my hope Aries Maple and Maple Joys will inspire each of us to be willing to look with fresh eyes ‘first’ rather than waiting for another. Change is up to each of us, and thankfully if we each simply bloom as naturally and quickly as possible, Spirit will carry our seeds far and wide – perfectly.

Appropriate as a wall hanging or for tabletop display in an easel.