Welcome to Alleman Studios New Blog

Welcome to Alleman Studios new blog.  While, for many, a blog is certainly nothing new, for me it’s a new step into a more sophisticated technology than I might currently prefer.  As many of you may know already, I am a quiet, slow and intentional creative spirit. I cherish times working without any music – in silence – I love to hear what comes between the spaces of all the noise in the world. In between the seductive clamoring of the world, I have found the most potent creative times, reflections and inspirations.  I enjoy a variety of music very much, and work with it often, but to a greater extent I love the peace of creating in utter silence. It is there, I can best listen to and hear the whisperings of my own heart.  So, it is with both hesitation and anticipation that I step into this more public visibility.

The intention for the blog is to offer better communications to each of you holding interest. We have chosen this format over a newsletter allowing you to check- in when it feels convenient for you – and trust your own sense of timing. I am not certain of the frequency of the posts, so we’ll have to see how that piece unfolds.  The fast world of electronics and texting versus speaking and writing, is one I view with both rich appreciation and deep concern that it not replace our very personal manners of traditional communications as well.

Within the blog I hope to alert you to any interesting art events, artists I admire, news about my own work in the studio and perhaps mostly offer yet another window into understanding the work and how the process of it flows through me to you – it is lengthy.  It is often, to me, also the most beautiful gift of the work I do – the process of working with an open, intentional heart. The miracles seem to spill naturally from this place – yet it’s no real place at all. I will share this journey with you the best I can.

I hope you appreciate your time with us and feel a sense of nourishment from it. Here we go……

My warmest blessings to each of you,