HUGE Sculpture Show at The Broadmoor Galleries

Opening May 11th from 3-8 PM the BROADMOOR Galleries, book ending the Broadmoor Hotel, in Colorado Springs, CO will host their 3rd Sculpture Show featuring the work of over 25 acclaimed sculptors. Carol will participate and be available through the subsequent week-end to meet and share with collectors and interested persons. It is rare for fine art galleries to present sculpture only shows these days and we are thrilled to be included in one with such distinguished and renown talent. Thursday through the week-end the gallery will be energetically buzzing with many of these sculptors present to meet and speak with visitors. This is a very unique opportunity to both see amazing works and to meet the artists as well. The Broadmoor Gallery is impeccable in its professionalism and integrity – they continuously create a very inviting, warm and engaging climate for browsing the collection without hovering. It’s a deep joy to simply browse the gallery and soak in the truly remarkable collection they present. We are honored to be partners with them.


Three Works in Old West Museum Juried Exhibit

Twilight Stars, Love Blooms and Quiet Blessings have each been accepted into the WESTERN SPIRIT ART SHOW at the Old West Museum in Cheyenne, WY. The show opens with an opening reception on March 4, 2017 from 6- 9 PM.

Twilight Stars $6,800 16" x 9.5" x 9.5"

Twilight Stars
16″ x 9.5″ x 9.5″


Love Blooms; 8.5″h $2800

Quiet Blessing Oxidized Gold Frame $825 8.75" x 8.75" plaque

Quiet Blessing Oxidized Gold Frame
^’ square without frame and 10″ with frame

8.75″ x 8.75″ plaque

The show will run through April 16, 2017. The show includes a miniature show, a Quick Draw, and an Art Ucork’d. For additional information please visit


Mighty Oak Earns Award

Carol Alleman with Mighty Oak  MIGHTYOAK121x_m

Mighty Oak  earned the Groover Studio Award at the recent 37th annual Mini-Works  Exhibit at the Jacksonville State University, AL. More than 70 artists participated in the juried exhibit which closed on June 24, 2016. To read more visit We are delighted this lovely treasure has earned recognition. Nature’s Bounty was also included in the exhibit.

Representing Gallery Visits

The galleries representing Alleman Studios Inc. are a vital and exciting link in our circle of partnerships. This summer I have had the great joy of visiting Gallery MAR in Park City, UT twice in a short period of time. It is always thrilling to deliver new work and visit, in person, with those who beautifully and professionally present the work to public each day.

The gallery is truly exquisite and refreshing – a must see when in Park City! An added joy on my recent trip was the genuine delight in meeting the newest member of the Gallery MAR family: Ms. Jane at seven months and such a sweet little whisper of pure pleasure!


New Year Reflections

I send each of you warmest greetings for the wonderful year of 2012. As I write, for those of you in the Christian tradition, the twelve days of Christmas continue to be upon you with the twelfth day, Epiphany, coming this Friday. Epiphany, regardless of your spiritual preferences, is a wonderful time of deep and welcome reflection. I appreciate that it comes following the higher social activity weeks of the season – when things seem to be a bit more quiet, allowing more easily for contemplative space.   Epiphany is that rich season of inquiring within oneself as to what truly guides and directs our lives. What Light do you follow?  What truly directs your life?  It also nudges us into a remembrance to look deeper than the surface of all events – thoughts – feelings and find in all of them a rich inner connection to something we, as humans, cannot name or control – the world of Mystery and of perfect Love.

January brings also, in many areas, the colder months of the year. It is a time of huddling down, snuggling up and waiting for the wintry months to unfold into yet another spring. The time of waiting can be challenging or rewarding – we can choose our way to experience it. While seemingly there is not much happening in nature, save the banks of snow, beneath the surface, the natural world is resting in preparation of a new season of growth and abundance once more. It is letting go of the dead of a season gone and protecting all that will support its growth in the coming springtime. Perhaps it is a time when you might consider what it is you might be ready to let go of that no longer supports your life in a healthy manner. The Ginkgo tree is one of the most profound teachers of this
great wisdom. Without any visible preparation, it simply – sometimes in a matter of hours – lets go of all its leaves.

In this letting go, the earth beneath it is blanketed in a rich and glorious golden hue – the earth is blessed. It appears as more of a grand celebration than of any loss. My bronze vessel, Ginkgo: Seed of Hope is intended to inspire this same quality in us. It speaks of the notion that each of us represents the “seed of hope” for change – for movement – that each of us are unique and potent avenues of significant change and of hope and peace.  The vessel is accented with the presence of three doves – another symbol of peace. Two of them are resting (as in wintry months) while the third is taking flight – representing the invitation to not only reflect but to also take flight – take action with our reflections. May this New Year, be a year of taking hopeful flight in your life – in the deepest sense and with renowned peace and gratitude.

You may read more about Ginkgo: Seed of Hope here along with the companion writing and poetry.


Welcome to Alleman Studios New Blog

Welcome to Alleman Studios new blog.  While, for many, a blog is certainly nothing new, for me it’s a new step into a more sophisticated technology than I might currently prefer.  As many of you may know already, I am a quiet, slow and intentional creative spirit. I cherish times working without any music – in silence – I love to hear what comes between the spaces of all the noise in the world. In between the seductive clamoring of the world, I have found the most potent creative times, reflections and inspirations.  I enjoy a variety of music very much, and work with it often, but to a greater extent I love the peace of creating in utter silence. It is there, I can best listen to and hear the whisperings of my own heart.  So, it is with both hesitation and anticipation that I step into this more public visibility.

The intention for the blog is to offer better communications to each of you holding interest. We have chosen this format over a newsletter allowing you to check- in when it feels convenient for you – and trust your own sense of timing. I am not certain of the frequency of the posts, so we’ll have to see how that piece unfolds.  The fast world of electronics and texting versus speaking and writing, is one I view with both rich appreciation and deep concern that it not replace our very personal manners of traditional communications as well.

Within the blog I hope to alert you to any interesting art events, artists I admire, news about my own work in the studio and perhaps mostly offer yet another window into understanding the work and how the process of it flows through me to you – it is lengthy.  It is often, to me, also the most beautiful gift of the work I do – the process of working with an open, intentional heart. The miracles seem to spill naturally from this place – yet it’s no real place at all. I will share this journey with you the best I can.

I hope you appreciate your time with us and feel a sense of nourishment from it. Here we go……

My warmest blessings to each of you,