Patina News


Recently I have begun working with a new team of “ghost artists” in Utah, USA. While challenging, this is also an invigorating and exciting transition!  What many fail to realize is the host of talented, highly skilled hands which are vital to the quality completion of every cast work of art. Without these wonderful, committed partners in the process, the work (and particularly the volume of it) would simply not be possible.  Each is highly skilled whether it be in mold creation, wax dressing, investing the shell, pouring the molten bronze, chasing the poured metal, patina techniques, and the myriad of “others” essential to keep the wheels turning with both excellence in quality and joy. While rarely recognized for their marvelous talent, they each hold equal talent to the one who created the vision alone.

Pivotal to this endeavor of beginning new artisans in my circle of work, is an exciting new partnership in working with master patineur, Nathan Bennett who will be creating my patinas. The patination process has always held deep passion for me, and I am both excited and honored about this new partnership with Carol-and-Nathan-finsihing-up-patina-workNathan. Excellence in patina detail and quality for my work are unique challenges (and essential) and Nathan is truly gifted and able to meet this challenge with both confidence and grand enthusiasm. I was thrilled to spend many days and long hours working  directly with him in the past several weeks as he becomes acquainted with my body of work.