Carol’s Work Included in Indianapolis Museum of Art’s Conservation Department

Remembering Gratitude $1,800 8.25" x 3.5" x 3.5"

Remembering Gratitude

The Indianapolis Museum of Art is the premier cultural resource for the state of Indiana and a major arts-based institution for the Midwest. Currently, the museum is building a new state-of-the-art scientific research laboratory in which to house its highly respected Art Conservation Department. Carol’s Remembering Gratitude will become a permanent part of this science lab collection – per request of the Conservation Department.

“The laboratory will be a high profile feature  for the museum with frequent visitors, including curators, donors, trustees, and the public. It will provide a captivating avenue for discussing artists’ materials, craftsmanship, the processes of material aging and how conservation intervenes, and the ways that science can enlighten us about our cultural patrimony – how an object was made, what materials were used by the artist, and how an object reacts with its surroundings.“ ~Dr. Gregory Dale Smith, Senior Conversation Scientist

Carol’s deliberate and intricate patination process is of particular interest to the museum laboratory. It is hoped that Remembering Gratitude will make a significant contribution in IMA’s Art Conservation Department’s studies to help understand how to best display and preserve bronze works; and specifics on how conservation intervenes.