Ginkgo: Seed of Hope at Booth Western Art Museum



Ginkgo: Seed of Hope will be on exhibit during the American Women Artists Master Signature and Signature 2014 Prevailing Winds Exhibit,  Booth Western Art Museum October 23, 2014 through January 4, 2015. A gallery walk and opening reception will be held Thursday, October 23, 4-8 pm. Booth Western Art Museum is located at 501 Museum Drive, Cartersville, GA.

In it’s limited edition size of 33, the three beloved ginkgo trees boast autumn color and bring to us the inspiration, and invitation to mirror the  amazingly wonderful attribute of the ginkgo tree: letting go of all of its autumn foliage nearly at once. It is as if it takes one deep breath of the autumn air and then suddenly – effortlessly – it lets go – creating a beautiful dance of golden ribbons floating to the earth beneath it!

We are delighted to have it included at this prestigious show, especially during the autumn season and within the Prevailing Winds Exhibit. This is the season when mother nature invites us to once more take inventory of our lives and simply – effortlessly – let go of all that no longer serves us well.