Transitions II invites us to Warmly Welcome Life Transitions

Transitions II (42″h) holds an impressively beautiful, inviting and warm presence in the Broadmoor Gallery, Colorado Springs CO. This large, open piece is an invitation to OPEN OUR ARMS WIDELY to both notice and embrace ALL of life’s incessant transitions, large and small, on nothing less than a soulful, grateful breath.

In our lives, each of us experience transitions of varying degrees – some celebration times, some grieving, others simply challenging in diverse ways. Sometimes we even sense a transition, without being able to name it. When this happens our first response may be to ignore it or deny it- while by doing so, we open the doors wide to allowing fear to navigate our path ahead (seldom a wise navigator).

Our life transitions, instead, I believe are sacred nudges. Nudges with seeds of empowerment, if even in an invisible manner at the time. Noticing and embracing each of life’s transitions fuels and nourishes us in quiet, while profoundly powerful ways. Of one thing we can be certain – life holds transition upon transitionthe only question is in how we will each receive the often hidden gifts within each and every transition. Resistance (or completely ignoring them) ultimately only denies us the immense gifts. Simply trying to “get through them” can numb our spirits (though sometimes we need a short spell of stepping out of life’s rhythm to be able to fully integrate the essence of a larger transition).

An open heart of gratitude, trust and acceptance fuels our souls and deepens our spirits; allowing us a truly intimate, truthful, and ever growing  and deepening experience of joyful, grateful living on this earth. Most resistance is simply our egos insistence that we know better than ANY other Power, exactly how life should unfold for us. May you be nudged to notice – to embrace and appreciate, the best you can – each and every both large and small transition as you travel this journey we call life. May you find a renewed peacefulness in your acceptance -and in your deepened gratitude for the gifts of Life.

Transitions II is currently on display at both The Broadmoor Galleries in CO and The Mark Sublett/Medicine Man Gallery in AZ. These two pieces will be the final pieces available for purchase before the edition closes. Transitions II is suitable for either indoor or outdoor placement – on a pedestal or simply, as seen above, on a secure, hard surface. It is hoped to be a constant reminder to open our arms WIDE, and with gratitude, to each transition in our lives.

Transitions II; 42″h

Transitions II on pedestal