Celebrating Mother’s Day within Each of Us

Womb Of Life

Womb of Life, shown here, is suggestive of the notion that absolutely every event of our lives is intended to perfectly nourish us, while holding us, as we grow toward the transition of life beyond this earth at this time.  It also reflects and honors the beautiful process of being Mothered – held – nourished – loved without condition in all circumstance.

Not unlike the pregnant, glowing woman, every one of us is indeed expectant at this very moment. Each of us, both men and women alike, are carrying within our very being something miraculous – something to be nourished and carried into its exact moment of being born into our world. Our world at large quickly recognizes mother in the pure physical sense of honoring our physical mothers (which is surely a lovely and worthy sentiment) yet we honor our birth mothers without equal reflection upon the miraculous mothering process of which each of us consciously or subconsciously are always engaged.  We were born of our mothers into this world with rich and perfect purpose. Each person on this blessed earth holds, within him or her, some gift (large or small) waiting to be offered to our world – no one is exempt. It is when we honor these potent seeds within – these miraculous gifts  -that we are able to fully experience the essence of both belonging and contributing. Our gifts may feel hidden, not unlike the visual essence of the child still being nourished within the mothers’ womb, not yet visible or fully known to our world.  We need not see clearly the precise colors of our inner dreams and nudges; we need simply to acknowledge their presence with awe, expectancy and gratitude. Expectant mothers and mothers of children of all ages will do nearly anything to protect their children.  How lovely it is when we too offer this same unconditional love and protection to that which is uniquely being born from within each of us. Where we direct our grateful attention is where we will find the focus of that attention growing – in other words, what we place our focus upon is what will grow in our lives for better or for worse. My prayer for Mother’s Day is for each of us to offer moments of reflection, gratitude and deepest expectation of what might lie within us – waiting for its moment to be born. Expectant mothers feel the baby kicking in the womb from time to time, and we too feel quiet nudges from time to time that we often simply ignore or suppress.  May you allow yourself to truly feel these nudges and respond to them with utter trust and expectation.

Whether you have a living, physical mother to honor this day or not, may Mother’s Day, bring you an ever grateful and expectant heart, as you celebrate not only the many honorable mothers of the worldly sense, but more so, as you honor the mothering miracle within your soul everyday. Together, may we courageously bring birth to the diverse miracles within, and bless our world deeply and miraculously.