Using our current day Gregorian calendar, the sequence of 11.11.11 occurring this month marks a once in a one-hundred year time when the month, day, and year reads 11.11.11. Sequential identical numbers have a recorded historical significance among many scholars. It is thought they hold highly energetic power and we are encouraged to be awake to experiencing their power in our individual lives.  Digital clocks of our day make this an even easier – more frequent – experience.  I invite each of you to simply notice a sequence of identical numbers in your lives and particularly to give attention to the upcoming experience of 11.11.11. When we are awake to this event, we might take a few minutes to direct our inner attention to the deepest roots of our lives – to what we most hope to manifest in and through our lives. The entire universe may resonate with your intention and you may well experience a deep and rich amplification of your intent.  There is indeed power in unity and the entire world will be experiencing the magical qualities of this day together. What if we each held a great Light in our hearts for healing of our world – blessing of it and of each of us – growing us vastly toward leading more balanced, harmonious lives? The results may be astounding.  It is possible. This perfect balance is beautifully demonstrated to us through nature every day (another voice of incessant inspiration).

My bronze Trillium vessel illuminates this perfection.  I the trillium’s most apparent growing habit of “threes” – 3 leaved foliage, 3 sepals, 3 petals, 3 part ovary, etc. You can read all the details about this plant and the vessel here: http://www.allemanstudios.com/trillium.html. Trillium has 9 blooms (3×3) and stands 6 inches (3+3) tall, with 3 ants etched in its base (the invisible helpers) – all in an edition size of 111.

In its lovely pattern of growing, it inspires me to embrace the essence of the perfection each of us truly is.  I invite you to read    much more about it on the website and allow this lovely woodland plant to inspire you while bringing a worthy element of profound beauty to your life as well.  Open yourself to the magical, wonderful qualities of your natural beauty, planted within the natural beauty of our world, and allow the mysterious essence of the 11.11.11 to impact your life.