Epiphany Blessings to You

Happy Epiphany!  Today, January 6th is Epiphany – the 12th day of Christmas and nearly forgotten by most. In Christian tradition, it is the day the wise men/women completed their journey  – following the wondrous star – to the Christ child. For me, it holds deep and rich inspiration to reflect upon “what Light DO I follow in my life and what Light am I committed to following in this new year?  What is it that truly navigates my path and directs and informs me as I journey?  In Christian tradition it is all tied to the grand celebration of the birth of Christ – to a new birth in our souls. What is it you have given birth to in this season regardless of your religious or spiritual preferences? ? And, it is perhaps helpful to remember that often a new birth requires allowing something else to die – to make room for a new beginning – a truly new birth that we are able to nourish and allow to grow and bloom in our lives.

The winter season, in most climates, brings us indoors more than outdoors while nature moves through its progression of letting go and resting in preparation for yet another spring of new budding and growth.  As we witness from indoors or outdoors, the shifting quiet response of nature to the winter season, may we feel invited to embrace the same quiet time of preparation for ourselves. Appearance wise, it looks as though some of nature is actually dead – barren branches and skeletons of trees starkly marking the landscapes. The skeleton is the bone – the foundation upon which all future budding and growth will sprout. – the foundation upon which all our bodily systems function in miraculous harmony.  As nature requires this season of rest – of dormancy – perhaps we might serve ourselves well to do the same?  Take time to sip that extra cup of tea….take time to enjoy a short nap….take time to sit quietly and simply ponder all the immense wonder surrounding us always.  I like to call this “power lounging”…..taking a few minutes to fuel the soul and truly awaken the spirit.  Happy New Year to you and Happy Power Lounging in 2014 as you quietly prepare to allow a new birth to flow into your life.