Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead)

In this season, where many places, producing plants begin to die as they offer their seeds for a coming season, we celebrate the passing also of those souls who have already transitioned from this world to another. I have never been a great fan of “Halloween” per se; however, I am a great fan of this season of remembering – with great honor – those who have passed after blessing this earth we live upon. Tuesday, November 1st is All Saints Day which began as a Roman Catholic observance to counter act the Day of the Dead celebrations of many indigenous cultures. All Saints Day is intended to honor all those souls who already reside in heaven. November 2nd is All Souls Day which is hoped to remind those of us still living on earth to live a soulful life and to remember all those who have gone before us – and in the Roman Catholic tradition, to pray for souls remaining in purgatory.  Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead, a Pre-Hispanic Mexican tradition) is celebrated where I live in the southwest with many festivities including the sharing of pan de muerto amidst la ofrenda (a home altar with candles, pictures of the dead, tamales, charms, etc). Pan de muerto is a sweetened bread often decorated with bones and is shared among the ofrenda. I will attend a dia de los muertos celebration this year and share this sweet bread with other friends surrounding the hosting homes’ ofrenda and honor those who have passed from this earth.

Mighty Oak

My small bronze vessel, Mighty Oak, is a celebration of similar intention. Within the root system of the three oak trees, are twelve tiny acorns. Twelve is an elder number – a tribal number. It is hoped to remind each of us, with gratitude, of those having passed from this earth before us and the many gifts they have blessed us with. It is also hoped to remind each of us to trust our own seeds, no matter how small they might appear, to indeed be potent – vital – seeds for ourselves and our world. May we each, in remembering  those we have loved and honored, hold the courage and wisdom to trust the power and truth of our own seeds – nourished indeed by those who traveled here before us. May we trust that each of us has a unique Light to offer this world  – that very Light which will bless us and our planet at once.