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Words of Encouragement Amidst The Covid-19 Outbreak


Foremost, I am aware of  how little “I know” – how little any of us truly “know”. Given that preface, I send  the following words to each of you, hoping it feels supportive and encouraging to you.   During these days of utter change with the coronavirus continuing its hungry spry it is easy to witness FEAR arising within ourselves – especially as we walk through the grocery stores only to discover mostly vacant shelves. We, especially in America, are completely unaccustomed to the unique challenges facing us today. The vacant shelves scream of fear and panic, making it ever more challenging to not become seduced by fear and panic ourselves; while still doing the daily things we need to do. Slow down, if you can, and remember fear is always an unworthy navigator. We can choose to be cautious without the fear. And, WE can be a source of calm and peacefulness, while doing all we need to do to be cautious, and contribute  encouraging energy into our world. This can be as simple as a warm smile to another – a calm, while responsible, constant response.  

  We have no way of knowing, with any certainty, the ultimate outcome of this epidemic but we can CHOOSE to trust that all not only will be, but already IS “ok”. Are you “OK” in this very moment? And now, in this next moment? Breathe….   The answer to the outcome is unknown, yet, our Center is quite known – all that is Real can never change – will never change. The circumstances of form may shift dramatically around us, yet our Center will never, can never, affect our Core.

  In a few short weeks I suspect many will give in to a lessening of the “acceptance gap” theory. I first learned of this theory from my ex-husband (a seasoned traffic engineer). “When waiting to pull out into oncoming traffic, the longer the wait, the shorter the acceptance gap”.  For now we are all staying home as much as possible and keeping a safe distance. However, over the coming weeks; being a society of “doing/going every second” we will likely become more greatly agitated and feel that urge to take on greater risk hoping to put that restlessness at ease. I share this just for sake of awareness that, in the coming weeks, you might consider if your decisions are prompted by necessity or rather by an uncomfortable response to a lengthening duration of something very new – something most uncomfortable. Perhaps a walk outdoors would ease that restlessness – or some quiet gardening? A household project you have neglected? An old fashioned board or card game? Some quiet reading? Some cooking or baking to share? Anything other than a continuous viewing of our usual “screen lives” might prove supportive – and offer a sense of peacefulness amidst this crisis.

Regardless of the length of this coronavirus outbreak, we DO have a profound opportunity to LEARN a great deal about ourselves if we are able to “listen and observe” with a willingness to learn and grow from even this experience (remember that poppy that blooms once the soil is adequately disturbed).   A dear friend of mine shared some lovely Buddhist wisdom: he suggests there is a huge distinction between loneliness and solitude…..and that maybe we could remind one another of that, help one another see the blessing in solitude instead of the fear in loneliness..I find this a very sweet and wise reminder.

  Many of our businesses may well suffer greatly – mine included- yet that is yet another invitation to observe our response and learn something new about ourselves. Being able to notice the fear  when as it arises and then “let it go” (not unlike the ginkgo tree – read more hereGinkgo: Seed of Hope speaks to this).   My very warmest gratitude extends to all of you in medical and other supportive roles for your kind and loving service to the larger populations. Love surrounds you and if we all send out similar rays of love and support to those needing to extend themselves so severely, in the interest of all, I believe it WILL have a huge impact.

So, instead of panic and fear – perhaps you might shift gears and turn that around to a moment of quiet gratitude for all the support of so many we may not be “seeing with our eyes” (those invisible helpers I write about with Trillium, Quiet Radiance,and Love Blooms).   And, to those of you currently enduring illness, my warmest, loving thoughts extend to you.  May your heart find a deepened hope and peacefulness to support you through a full recovery.  

  TEMPORARY DISCOUNTING OF ALL CAST PIECES   The galleries representing my work, and the studio itself will be offering a temporary 10% discount on any pieces retailing at, or under, $2000; and a 15% discount on any pieces on orders retailing over $2000. This does not include complimentary shipping costs and it does not include pieces not currently cast (the foundry is closed for an indefinite period of time). This is the first time we have ever offered any discounting of the work. We realize we are each seeking encouragement, peace and solace and for many, this comes in the form of having fine art surrounding us. We would also ask you to be patient on the shipping – we would ship as early as safely possible.

  I would also encourage you to take some time to READ the companion inspiration writings for pieces that appeal to you – this in itself, without spending any money, might bring you a few minutes of inner peace and hopefulness. One such example is Voice of Wisdom reminding us of our connectedness, while inspiring a sense of generosity, and incessant stretching for the heavens, as it celebrates our beloved aspen trees. Read as many as you like with your extra quiet time – I hope it brings a sense of reassurance and peace to you.  
      I send warmest rays of Love to each of you and wish for each of you strong health and a peaceful journey – even, perhaps BECAUSE OF this event. You are strong and you are just one slice of the Oneness we each inherently share. The fact of how critical it is for each of us to work together right now – AS ONE – to protect us all, speaks to our Oneness. No one is exempt…and no ray of Love is a small or solitary ray.   My Very Warmest Blessings to each of you,

Winter Solstice


On the night of Sunday 21st of December the light of the sun begins to return to the northern hemisphere.  Once again, we approach the magical Winter Solstice. Many of the Christian traditions celebrate advent during this season – advent meaning “the coming”. Regardless of ones’ religious or non-religious preferences, winter is a quiet time of waiting, of trusting and of courage TO trust – only to find courage finding us. We are collectively seduced into looking upon darkness as negative and light as good. It is a rather universally accepted belief. And yet, if there is no darkness how would it be possible for us to see the radiance of the flickering candle flame? How would it be possible to be captured by a night sky sparkling with the diamond-like twinkling of stars? How would the full moon find us?

It seems to me that both light and dark are equal companions. The perfection of opposites – the necessity and perfect union of both. One of my earlier pieces (still available) is titled Finding Courage (shown at right). When I created it, it was intended to be symbolic of those seasons when our roots feel much too shallow to support us through a wintry season in our lives. Even though we feel a sense of being completely “off balance” and a dramatically frightening chill blankets us in those times, we are mysteriously and perfectly held – rooted firmly – rooted perfectly. Since the creation of this piece, as it happens beautifully with each of my creative endeavors, the piece has spoken to me in many different manners through the seasons. Today, the piece speaks to me of courage finding me – of a realization that I need not seek or look for it outside of myself – it is mine already – always. It almost becomes an illusion to ever believe I even have to think about needing it – it is inherently mine. We each, I feel, always hold the exact amount of courage we need in any season of our lives and at times, circumstances bring us the realization of its infinite presence.

As you greet the Winter Solstice this year, I wish you the peace of knowing you are never walking in the dark without purpose nor without light.  Rather, you may be walking in the dark toward something to be awakened – birthed – within you that could not be awakened without first trekking through the seemingly dark, cold days. The spring flowers will bloom once more – yet only after the season of winter has tended their frail roots in preparation. Instead of longing for spring, I wish for you the welcome and deep, warm embrace of all the mysterious wonders of winter – of the coming – the resting – the birthing of something profoundly new in your life – in your heart.

Winter Solstice Blessings to each of you!


Finding Courage was accepted into the juried 2014 Art Kudos International Exhibit.


edition of 30
5.75″h x 5.75″w

Serenity by Carol Alleman

sit wakefully amidst
your raw experience of disarray
even firing flames of rage

like the silent, rooted trees
open your arms – widely – expectantly
embracing the Higher Realm in one deep breath

allow yourself and all your illusions
to be swallowed – transformed
into a heart of loving serenity


The three quiet trees stretch simply upward toward the higher realms. With branches intertwined, several heart-shaped openings in the foliage softly represent the opening of one’s heart toward this Higher Realm – toward the Light.

Most, if not all of us, encounter ongoing challenges of conflict, irritation, confusion, disappointment and rage in our lives. Many of us deeply suppress these emotions unable to findSerenity by Carol Alleman resolution; and in an attempt to find respite from their torment we deeply (and often unknowingly) suppress them. Intentionally very quiet, Serenity is hoped to inspire a willingness to embrace these situations by quietly lifting them upward while realizing the potent stories they truly are – illusions. Our stories are always exactly what we choose to believe about them; often escalating and repeating the felt pain over and over again to ourselves. While often required actions associated with each of these challenges are apparent (and hopefully healthy), each of us in any situation may choose to hold it as a gift yet to be opened.; as we choose our manner in holding it within our lives. We fail to truly explore the realities of many painful situations; and hence rob ourselves of hidden treasures it might offer to illuminate our lives. Often when we allow ourselves to feel, whole-heartedly, our rage, disappointment, and anger, and examine it with honest intent, it then holds the power to be transformed into love – into a gift. It is perfectly natural for the human form to experience a myriad of emotions. Within every life experience rests an often somewhat hidden gift – yet we may not be able to see, with earthly eyes, the potently deep connections of each of these events. The soft, hidden heart shaped openings represent the quiet potency of allowing our hearts to open to this grand mystery and to rest serenely in that space of both knowing and unknowing at once. It is in surrendering to this greater force that we each may find the rich blessing of serenity.

Three, a highly mystical and spiritual number, trees were chosen representative of this universal grand triad – above, below, within; beginning, middle, end; Christian Father, Son, Holy Spirit; Mother, Father, Child; the Buddhist three precious jewels; among others. The edition size of Serenity is 30 symbolic of the powerful number 3. The companion writing also holds three verses. Serenity is a sister vessel to Marriage of Spirit – they hold much in common (including size and shape) but each displays its own unique trees and Marriage of Spirit presents a hidden web of creatures of land, sea and air within the root system. Serenity, in contrast, presents a textural illusion of images within the root system symbolic of the illusions we carry precluding us from experiencing a sense of serenity. Either or both are available with an optional bronze base cast from a slice of the ironwood tree and providing slight additional height and an added organic element. They make a lovely “couple” while each also stands quietly, while powerfully, alone.
My hope is that Serenity may inspire, in each who find themselves drawn to her, a gentle invitation to invite and embrace even our rage into wholeness and an absolute loving presence of serenity – for ourselves and our world. It is when we are able to embrace without attachment that we open ourselves to the joys of serenity.


Detail of subtle heart-shaped openings

This vessel makes a lovely, quality cremation urn. The top opening is 1 3/8″ and many simply use a flexible plastic pouch to insert the ashes or a commercial tube or canister.

© C. Alleman 2014

Marriage of Spirit

edition of 30
5.75″h x 5.75″w


Marriage of Spirit



An utterly quiet realm endlessly prevails
of infinitely potent seeds
sprouting invincible, pure Love
where we can no longer decipher
where we end and other begins
In this resplendent realm each becomes
one beautifully vital flutter
of our one, miraculously Sacred Marriage





Marriage of Spirit, was included in the Juried Exhibition; Empire 100; at the Tucson Desert Art Museum in 2015


Subtle heart shapes – the heart being the Center of Love – appear sprinkled among the foliage (growth) of the three trees (through the shapes of the cut-out areas within the foliage). The open spaces are those spaces that allow the Light to travel most easily through the vessel –through the heart space is where we most easily allow our Love to flow through to the world at large. We might consider how many “open spaces” we hold in our lives to allow greater opportunity for the higher realm to pour through us freely. We too frequently pack our lives so full we function in a mode of overwhelm neglecting to allow for open, quiet space to both receive and to send forth. These heart-shaped spaces can be easily overlooked on the vessel mirroring how easily they can also be overlooked in our lives; yet it is here (from our hearts) that our love flows most purely and potently. Also hidden in this piece (before closer inspection) are twenty-one (21) life forms sculpted into the root system of the trees: whale, owl, monkey, deer (African Oryx), rabbit, butterfly, starfish, honeybee, frog, floral blooms (4), humans(1 couple, 1 single), bird, cat, whale, elephant, and star. These fifteen different life forms appear in the hidden root system while each woven within the other – feeding one another in an intricate and frequently invisible web. Representative of the miraculous human and all creatures of land, air, and water, all are presented within the single, while complex, circular (infinite) root system (representing the Universe at large woven in an infinite web). The images are quiet and hidden at first glance, mirroring how we typically do not see and honor these deep connections without effort and intention. As we share our heart space, and our loving intentions spill into the world, we are simultaneously sharing it with all the world and all its creatures and beings – invisible or visible to us at the moment.   It is documented that the vast majority of the universe (96%) is invisible, even to our most sophisticated instrumentation, and that this 96% is often not considered as real as the 4% we can perceive with our five senses.Yet, with every loving act and intention we are indeed influencing THE ENTIRITY OF THE UNIVERSE – little by little, radiating our seemingly small light whether clearly visible or not to the human senses. Even the seemingly smallest gesture of Love ripples into our world with often invisibly profound effects. Marriage of Spirit suggests we remember the rich potency of even the smallest loving act – pouring forth from our heart centers – and consciously realize its impact (visible or not) unto the entire realm of life. This is our inherent truth – we cannot act from love and NOT affect the world – we are married in Spirit – each to the other in an intricate and powerful web.

Detail of Marriage of Spirit by Carol Alleman

Detail of root system


Subtle heart-shaped openings

The earthly sacred act of marriage – one to another – offers us a glimpse – a slice – of this deeper infinite umbrella of Love and connection. When entered into with a mature awareness it can become a glorious steppingstone into blooming yet greater gifts in ones life. The act of marriage, invites us to bless this world with that bond of love in a myriad of colors and seasons. It offers us a sliver of the even grander Love of the higher realm – a taste of its infinite reality and dimension – the expectancy that the marriage will bless this world even more deeply through the loving union. Martin Luther (1566), quoted in Random House Webster’s Quotationary ed. Leonard Roy Frank (1999) “The ideal that marriage aims at is that of spiritual union through the physical. The human love that it incarnates is intended to serve as a stepping stone to divine or universal love.“ Our marriages (whatever color they may be) become a pregnant bud for the ever-growing extension of that Love into our world at large – blooming and blessing within each diverse season and in all its many colors.
Marriage of Spirit by Carol Alleman

The three, simple trees on the Marriage of Spirit vessel are representative of trees collectively – and, all that grows reaching for the heavens while grounded in the potent earth. Their arms are intertwined – married – in both the seen and unseen realms. The number three is frequently used in my work representing the ultimate creative number, the triad and the bringing together of the two into absolute harmony.This powerful number is symbolic of the Trinity, of birth-life-death, the three precious jewels; beginning-middle-end; the three worlds: physical, intellectual and spiritual. It is a highly creative number bringing opposites into absolute harmony.

Marriage of Spirit speaks to this realm of marriage to our inherent Lover – always waiting and always seeking us in diverse seasons and colors. It is as if our name was called many long years ago and an expectant One patiently awaits our reply. As surely as the tree grows straight toward the heavens, roots planted firmly into this earth, we too are rooted in this earth as we stretch (consciously or unconsciously) toward that other Realm – the nameless One. No one directs the tree to grow – to sprout – to bloom – to seed – to fall upon the earth at last and offer its final blessing. And no one directs us to do the same though we yearn to mirror that miraculous rhythm that bears the deepest connection to our purpose and our peace. The trees mirror for us how effortlessly this journey offers us this peaceful sense of being and loving contribution – simply grow exactly where you are planted. Release the judgments – release resistance – release the absurdity of believing you need to “figure anything out” –release the myriad of illusions and simply trust your inner voice to be a guide of absolute Wisdom. It is that same inner voice that may have guided you into a physical union to another – guided you to absolutely know you simply and completely love another. When the union formed within a marriage is empowered with the reality of its potency to bless this world it is indeed a profoundly powerful force of love and blessing to our universe. And outside of marriage, that union is equally, while differently, radiantly aglow and powerful.

The limited edition size is 30 – symbolic of the three trees representing the great triad (the bringing together of opposites into absolute harmony). Marriage of Spirit is a sister vessel to Serenity – they hold much in common (including size and shape) but each displays its own unique trees and Marriage of Spirit presents the hidden web of creatures of land, sea and air. .Serenity, in contrast, presents a textural illusion of images within the root system symbolic of the illusions we carry precluding us from experiencing a sense of serenity.Either or both are available with an optional bronze base cast from a slice of the ironwood tree and providing slight additional height and an added organic element. They make a lovely “couple” while each also stands quietly, while powerfully, alone.

The companion writing holds three verses with three stanzas in each equaling nine – the last number, symbolically, before returning to absolute unity and completion. May it inspire a deep blooming – a soulful recognition – in all who pause in her presence and may it bring a growing awareness to the potency of all we think and do, expressing Love, within our miraculous Marriage of Spirit.






© C. Alleman 2014


edition of 15
10.5″ h x 10″ w

Miracles- clay patina

clay patina

Tree of Life
Speaks to our souls reminding us of our deep, ancient roots
In the earth and with one another;
Encouraging us to spread our branches and reach for the heavens,
Reminding us to offer a nurturing haven for creatures of air and earth,
To hear their infinite wisdom.

Tree of Life
Invites us to receive the blessings of each new season with wide eyes
And the faith of a child swinging from her branches;
Teaching us to offer shade for the weary, shelter for the homeless,
Food for the hungry.

Tree of Life
Moves us both gently and violently with the wind – the Great Spirit alive;
Nourishing us with fruitful abundance and purity of air,
Sharing in the miracle of birth, life, and rebirth;
Enabling us to climb high and listen quietly,
Confirming the Divine connection of all life in all time.

Tree of Life
Nudges us to grow always, roots stretching deeper
And deeper into harmony,
That we might breathe in the authentic beauty,
Soak in the wisdom, and awaken to the Miracles.

antique green patina

Inspired deeply by my active partnership in saving a beloved foothills palo verde tree, the first vessel in the Tree of Life Series was born and aptly titled Miracles.

Soon after, I sensed a knowing that the vessel would branch out into a series and demand a more permanent medium beyond the clay.  The inherent qualities of bronzes’ patina, coupled with its longevity highly appealed to me.  The aging patinas, I felt, mirrored the visible seasonal changes of both the trees and our personal lives. The patinas enhanced this symbolic entwinement.  The quality of longevity echoed the longevity of trees and their infinite Wisdom and Inspiration.  I was highly energized by the possibility of creating vessels likely to be passed from generation to generation, along with their inherent mystical messages.

Miracles, presented in the clay patina, is the first cast bronze vessel in the Tree Of Life Series and the first cast bronze vessel in my career.  Only three of the fifteen vessels in this first edition were finished with the clay patina. Miracles is a highly significant piece in the complete body of work. It is the visible bridge of my transition period from fired clay bodies into the bronze medium. In the midst of transition, we often cling to parts of the old and familiar, holding an attachment to the seemingly critical pieces of the past. Here, I chose the clay patina to mirror the surface coloration and qualities of the original vessel medium: stoneware clay, with an oxide rubbed finish prior to an oxidation firing. Without touching the actual piece, it can quite easily be mistaken as stoneware.

Soon after, I moved fully and confidently into a new and intimate relationship with the new medium, silicon bronze.  The inherent and organic qualities of the bronze combined with the nature inspired patinas influenced my fertile artistic vision. These patinas have quickly and eloquently evolved into the unique and intricate multi-colored patinas that have today become a highly notable part of my unique signature as a bronze sculptor.

Remembering Gratitude

edition of 231
8.25″ h x 3.5″ w

remembering gratitudeGolden-orange
fluttering ribbons
glow brilliantly
banks and meadows
gardens and slopes

Gentle gusts of wind
lean the thin, frail stems
w e a v i  n g
their lacy foliage
into the arms of their
Sisters of the field

remembering gratitude detailFully open to the heavens
the joyful blooms
grow and glow in utter ease
as they receive the rhythmic
waking and sleeping
of Mother Sun

In their
easy radiant fluttering
they ignite
contagious, growing smiles
well beyond, yet within
the soil of their roots

remembering gratitude alternative view


May you

and rest

Remembering Gratitude
R e m e m b e r i n g
all is truly well


REMEMBERING GRATITUDE earned the GALLERY CHOICE AWARD in the Women’s Works  2012 Exhibition, Woodstock, IL; it also earned the AWARD OF MERIT in the 2012 Hudson Gallery NOW WOW Exhibition; and in 2013 it earned the AWARD OF MERIT in the American Women Artists Exhibition.



My intention for creating Remembering Gratitude was to deeply speak to the inner spirit of many people while igniting a ray of collective remembrance, joyfulness and renewed, whole-hearted gratitude. Inspired by the California poppy (once more), and using my signature vessel form, it radiates its message of gratitude in a delicate, glowing band of twenty-one poppies.

According to The Herder Dictionary of Symbols, the number twenty-one is “the product of THREE times SEVEN. It is a holy number in the Bible and a symbol of divine wisdom.”  Other sources reference the number twenty-one as a number of perfection and as a sacred, divine number.  This symbolism of divine wisdom resonated, to me, as the true essence of gratitude: divine wisdom lived as an ever- flowing spirit of gratitude.

Herder also suggests the following symbolic attributes of the poppy as the “symbol of the earth and also of forgetfulness and sleepiness.” When reading The Herder reference, I understood more clearly why the California poppy, though not popularly toted as a symbol of gratitude by either the masses or gurus, continues to intuitively speak to me as a perfect expression of gratitude.  I suggest that it is our sleepiness and forgetfulness that longs to be re-ignited – our forgetfulness to hold a genuine gratitude for all of life’s blessings, events, experiences, and beings. We see problems rather than opportunities or guidance. Habitually we judge events as good or bad, as if we ourselves hold the ability to clearly see the vast inner-connectedness of all life. We leave little room for possibilities we cannot immediately see.  In hindsight, most of us often can see the gifts of certain events that at the time appeared to be isolated hardships. In time, we often see at least a glimpse of the pure, flowing, and higher purpose these ‘hardships’ offer. Apparent ‘hardships’ turn the soil for unimagined blooming.

california poppy sketch Singularly, the poppy is lovely.  Yet their beauty swells dramatically when fluttering together in a field of golden brilliance. And I pondered, as I sculpted, if we are not quite the same? Witnessing the poppies bloom and glimmer collectively easily brings joyful appreciation. Effortlessly, they respond to the Sun with pure ease.  We too glimmer – shine far more radiantly – when we are fully open to the Sun and willing to bloom. The Christian Biblical reference “Where two or more are gathered together in my name, there am I…” points to the Power that effortlessly and miraculously lifts each of us, and all of us, simply in our willingness to wrap our arms around one another in response to the Sun.

When we allow ourselves to accept, in purest gratitude, the entirety of our lives we find not only a rich sense of peacefulness, but also a natural and authentic connection to all other life.  The stem of a plant is that which roots and feeds it from the earth. Even the gentlest gusts of wind bend the delicate poppy stem, weaving its foliage into her sisters of the field. Imagine how much more effortlessly we might intertwine our arms with our brothers and sisters – all beings, all of nature – if we simply allowed ourselves to gratefully lean with the wind, and open to the Sun while being fed from the earth. The wind is the Spirit of the Higher Realm and for me, a reminder of constant, perfect movement over which I have and need not have control. In embracing the Wind, we burst the balloon of illusion – the illusion of needing to control. Letting go of believing we need to control clears our vision to see both the seeds and blooms already alive.

Remembering Gratitude is offered in an edition size of 231 pieces (the sum of the numbers one through twenty-one).  May it bloom renewed and whole-hearted gratitude to the 231 persons giving home to one, and may it ignite a ray of renewed gratitude to all who pause in her presence.

Holiday Reflections

The spirit of the holiday season is upon us once more. One of the most challenging facets of the preparation is to take the time to pause and inquire “what is it I am truly celebrating?”  For me, it becomes a time of rich gratitude, hope and anticipation as I enter into that place of contemplation surrounding this question. As winter slowly approaches – we too are nudged to quiet ourselves and prepare for a bit of hibernation, and deep reflection.

I invite you to listen not to the external world of shopping and racing from one event to another, but rather to listen to the outer natural world calling to you – ‘ it’s a season to rest and reflect a bit more’.

It may also be a time of expressing our love for one another – to gather our thoughts regarding the perfect gift to express our heartfelt love and appreciation for the other.  Instead of going to the mall and searching seemingly endless racks of merchandise (much of which is useful) consider something which also gives a message of your deepest intent – a message of inspiration and adoration that will continue to be a companion to your loved one for many, many years after the holiday celebration is over.  Perhaps you could write a letter, or if you feel you are not artistically inclined, cut and paste a collage of images that reflect the nature of that person to you. Many blank journals/scrapbooks are available to present it in a lasting format. Another wonderful gift is a certificate for dinner at your home (create a personal certificate yourself). Prepare one of their favorite dishes coupled with long, warm conversation – real, intentional  t i m e  together.  Light the candles – place a note of appreciation on their plate expressing your gratitude for having them in your life.

And, you might consider giving a piece of artwork.  In the words of Aristotle   “The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance.”  Many pieces of art are very affordable and will last a lifetime – reminding your beloved of your relationship and caring while inspiring their life every day. Alleman Studios offers pieces ranging in price from $95 to $32,000 – a broad range for every budget; and each piece also includes poetry/inspiration as an additional gift. Or – search your local gallery for something that speaks to you profoundly of that person. Many galleries will offer gift certificates as well (Alleman Studios does as well) if you would rather allow them to choose the piece themselves.

Regardless of your gift giving habits, I invite you to quiet yourself and reflect a bit more. If you choose to give gifts, allow them to reflect your innermost intent consciously and lovingly. And, while the world may seem to be racing about furiously – witness the race rather than joining it.  Make it a season of celebration of your life journey and all that is yet to come on it – gratitude for friends and family who enrich the journey – and mostly, for your unique spiritual journey birthing in all its unique, perfect colors and expressions.

My Warmest Holiday Blessings to each of you.

Welcome to Alleman Studios New Blog

Welcome to Alleman Studios new blog.  While, for many, a blog is certainly nothing new, for me it’s a new step into a more sophisticated technology than I might currently prefer.  As many of you may know already, I am a quiet, slow and intentional creative spirit. I cherish times working without any music – in silence – I love to hear what comes between the spaces of all the noise in the world. In between the seductive clamoring of the world, I have found the most potent creative times, reflections and inspirations.  I enjoy a variety of music very much, and work with it often, but to a greater extent I love the peace of creating in utter silence. It is there, I can best listen to and hear the whisperings of my own heart.  So, it is with both hesitation and anticipation that I step into this more public visibility.

The intention for the blog is to offer better communications to each of you holding interest. We have chosen this format over a newsletter allowing you to check- in when it feels convenient for you – and trust your own sense of timing. I am not certain of the frequency of the posts, so we’ll have to see how that piece unfolds.  The fast world of electronics and texting versus speaking and writing, is one I view with both rich appreciation and deep concern that it not replace our very personal manners of traditional communications as well.

Within the blog I hope to alert you to any interesting art events, artists I admire, news about my own work in the studio and perhaps mostly offer yet another window into understanding the work and how the process of it flows through me to you – it is lengthy.  It is often, to me, also the most beautiful gift of the work I do – the process of working with an open, intentional heart. The miracles seem to spill naturally from this place – yet it’s no real place at all. I will share this journey with you the best I can.

I hope you appreciate your time with us and feel a sense of nourishment from it. Here we go……

My warmest blessings to each of you,